Exhibitions, China, Beijing, 04 January 2014

The Organization Tartaglia Arte artistic and cultural art center Fucina Italo-Chinese, organize "International Festival of Contemporary Art 798 Art Zone - Beijing (Peking)" in collaboration with and at the 4 Faces of Space Gallery, an important governmental structure that focuses on art, architecture and environmental design, located in one of the most important Chinese districts dedicated to art.

China and Italy share a common historic and artistic tradition of long standing, but they are two completely different cultures and contexts, which give the artist who will attend the freedom to express themselves without constraints while maintaining his own artistic personality. The exhibition will be dedicated to China's current, ie grasp the dizzying growth in both economic and cultural center of a huge country that wants to earn a prominent place in modern society. Will be represented by artists of different countries and nations, using the language and techniques of painting on canvas and who have an artistic and exhibition activity of at least 5 years. The Organization will select 20 artists from among those who submit biography and pictures of at least 4 recent works in jpeg format to the email tartagliaarte@tartagliaarte.it

For clarification and more detailed information please contact the responsible

Mr. Riccardo Tartaglia t. 3486622952 e-mail; riccardotartaglia@tartagliaarte.it skype: tartagliaarte, whatsapp, viber.

Peng Zhang, e-mail: zhang.pietro@gmail.com

for reference in Brazil Regina Nobrez email; reginanobrez@tartagliaarte.it

sito ufficiale www.tartagliaarte.it

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