From Disgregazionismo Piero Tartaglia art of non- exclusion of Gennaro Falcone and Attilio Nesi
Exhibitions, Italy, Brindisi, 10 May 2014
Under the Patronage of the Municipality of Brindisi ( nominated for European Capital of Culture 2019) , the Organization Artistic Tartaglia Art opens the exhibition " From Disgregazionismo Piero Tartaglia art of non- exclusion of Gennaro Falcone and Attilio Nesi " presented by Prof. Carmen De Stasio .

The non- exclusion is one of the characters that dominate the scene of artists, whose stories marking the successive times of a single perspective , in which you continue to ask questions about what the role of art today . Blurring the request in a cloud of futility , I dare say that art has a leading role in changing cadences deep , and respond, in any case, suggestions and tips, even incitement to multiple acquired by the action that takes place in the human territory . A strong advocate of art that is not exclusive and fusion , which is compared constantly with architectures that distinguish abstract from casual , Piero Tartaglia, "father" of Disgregazionismo , ranges in space and constructs new spaces in which the matter is trace , nothing is avoided and nothing is left out . It is an art of density , in which the observer reads the rationalization plans for many. A new architecture with artistic textures on the horizon close to Falcone and Gennaro is an architecture with mystical cadences , impregnated with a materiality to support the plot with things, in a symbolism that draws nourishment from the humility of the elements. Multiplication deafening feeds the art of Attilio Nesi , whose encounter with the material and the color is by a friction force , exchange scratchy . Of shuffles analytical and catalytic , with glimpses taking completezze by the synthesis of three-color carriers. The white - clear through the folds brumastre - the blinding black and red stripes to impose suffering as art is as interacting living organism .

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