The Universe Female
Exhibitions, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, 08 December 2014
Tartaglia Art Show Room Rio de Janeiroe RC Girao Estate & Architects and CIA invited to
Collective : / theme:
" The Universe Female "
day : December 8, 2014 until January 6th day
open to the public
from 19:30 to opening cocktail
Rua Francisco Sà 65
Copacabana ..
Rio de Janeiro .
curated Tartaglia Art of Rome and Regina Nobrez

In honor of the historic date , 08 will be the day of Our Lady , as a way to honor and enhance the role of women in culture and sociedade.vamos make our third conference ( in Tartaglia Art New Showroom ) with this theme , The Universe Female will be 24 artists (13 of them from the Brazilian academy of Fine Arts)
Women artists collective in itself already part of the tribute and men who are part seek in their language of art poetic vision to honor the feminine universe .
A show in tribute to women , but dedicated " to all those who want to see the exposed art and not locked in the bedroom "
In addition to representing major milestone for its theme , the show " The Universe Female " brings together works from various collections of the artists of the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts.
And many artists invited by tartaglia of Rome, coming from Italy, Argentina and Brazil.

1 -Maria Aparecida Medeiros Medeiros
2- Color Carolina
3- Albertina Prates
4- Isabella Teixeira
5- Patricia Di Loreto
6- Renata Sussekind Of Guaranys
7 -Adriana Soares
8 -Walter Pinheiro
9- Fernando Otavio
10 - Glauco Guedes .
11 Debora Costa .

12 - Iracy Carise
13 -Vera Lucia Gonzalez Teixeira
14 Yara Mochiaro
15 -Ed Hawk -
16 - Jorge Calfo
17 - Thiers Filhagosa
18 Sylvia Roriz
19 -Isis Berlinck
20 - Samia Zacour
21 - Altair Leal
22 - Olivia Ramos
23 Ruth Gomes
24 - Zulma Werneck

Mauro of Guaranys .
Margaret Vellozo

sacred music concert with
Aline Baducel

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