Intimate conversation between colors and transparency
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 12 November 2010
Solo exhibition
Emanuele Biagioni

A hymn to the purity and beauty of nature in its simplicity,
through the landscape and its colors.
... In an "en plein air" fascinating and subtly emotional.

Artistic direction by Riccardo Tartaglia
Critical presentation of Tiziana Drums


Back in Rome, Tartaglia in the gallery, the works of Biagioni after its staff of 2006 in these four years have been organized exhibitions in various European cities, Toulouse, Paris, Valencia, Venice, Bologna, Milan, Lucca, Florence, Viareggio and in the Alitalia lounge in Venice.
Atmosphere of strong visual impact, colors that widen and overlap strongly support perfect harmony ... the nature and civilization, in silent osmosis, stand out in all the work of Emanuele Biagioni ....
... The concrete form the structural element which binds the blue, deep red, green lying quietly with skilful strokes often mixed with water, all offered with the viewer that effect of transparency typical impressionistic work.

Emanuele Biagioni was born in Barga in the beautiful land of enchantment Garfagnana.Terra natural poetry. he majored in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in the School of Prof. Roberto Giovannelli in 1995, after graduating from Art School of Lucca. In addition, he studied engraving in colors of SN Kraczyna level 1 to Barga (LU) and level 2 in Olomouc (Czech Republic).
Emma is seduced by the beauty of nature, the colors of "his" land, from the mists that rise from a distance to "shade" the profiles of the churches. E 'emotion, which translates into the poetry of color and images, childhood memories, fleeting scraps in the corners of the landscape. Pours into his painting "vibrant" and the force at the same time the sweetness of that nature, as if reaching up with Emanuele veil of color on canvas is also the concern of a verse melodious, musical, deep, essential. In his paintings you like the feeling of the "journey" of the philosopher, the poet, to take inspiration from the vision of nature, to "pin" the memories of the places in the image to evoke the pictorial beauty. Emanuele confirms this interpretation.

exhibition opening: Friday, October 29 at 18:30
Author: Emanuele Biagioni
Exhibition period: from October 29 to November 15 - free admission - in the catalog
Location: Art Gallery Tartaglia Via XX Settembre, 98 c / d - Rome
Days and time: Monday to Friday 9.30 - 13.30 / 16.00 to 19.30
Saturday by appointment (tel. +39 3358418240) Closed Sundays and Holidays
Information: +39064884234 - -
Quattrokappa, Calciomania, Penny Lane, Arsenal 22, Other Style, Artigianvetro
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