Each to his own style ...
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 03 May 2011
Tuesday, May 3 Tartaglia Art Gallery, opens the first exhibition of the project entitled "Everyone his own style ..." with the artists: Maurizio Attisani, Robert Cosic, Andrea Mancini, Eric Marsiam, Michelangelo Miani, Sandra Zeugna.

The particularity of this project is the direct involvement of the public who can vote, when the exhibition or on the website www.tartagliaarte.it, the work much appreciated. This will allow the gallery at the end of the whole exhibition, to present and dedicate a solo exhibition of 6 artists voted by the public. Those who will give greater preference to the artist chosen in each group will receive, free of charge, a reproduction of a work signed by the artist.

In each exhibition will be on display more works, but only one will be designated on-site and on the website for the vote.

"Everyone his own style ...." 60 artists in 10 events
6 artists will take turns at a time in ten exhibitions. Each artist will have the opportunity to show some works which he himself considered most representative of his style.

"Everyone his own style ...."
No limit to the forms and languages
For the artists is an 'opportunity for self-representation, exposing the most intimate side, to match as closely as possible the inner depths and outer surface, with no restrictions of any kind. Will be different and completely detached from a thread. This unrestricted freedom ensures a wide range of artistic expressions that will populate the visitors a kaleidoscope of styles, materials and colors.

"Everyone his own style ...." Identified and selected artists
It 's a project that Tartaglia Arte has developed over time. In keeping with the style that sets it apart, puts emphasis on the ongoing search for new artists. With a watchful eye could select, over the years, many authors in this project will be joined by artists coming from other circuits, to confirm the dynamism that ensures a comprehensive and innovative proposal.

"Everyone his own style ...." Cultural enrichment
This project was created and is held in their seats, but in a positive vision for the future, will continue in a process that will see the exhibition move to different locations, domestic and international.

Through this initiative, the artists have the opportunity to achieve greater awareness and an expansion of quotes and biographical.

The selection of original works, technique and style, leads to cultural enrichment and a constant update on the new contemporary art.

Opening exhibition: Thursday, May 3, 2011
Artists exhibited: Maurizio Attisani, Robert Cosic, Andrea Mancini, Eric Marsiam, Michelangelo Miani, Sandra Zeugna
an exhibition curated by Riccardo Tartaglia
exhibition period: May 3 to 16 - free admission
Location: Art Gallery Tartaglia Via XX Settembre, 98 c / d - Rome
Days and time: Monday to Friday 9.30 13.30 / 16.00 19.30 10.00 Saturday 13.00 / 16.00 19.00 Closed Sundays and Holidays
site to rate the work: www.tartagliaarte.it
Press Office: Regina Nobrez, reginanobrez@tartagliaarte.it Mario Mutti, mutti@tartagliaarte.it
Information: +39064884234 - +393358418240 - fax +390697999998 - gallerie@tartagliaarte.it
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