Exhibitions, Italy, Torino, Volvera, 29 June 2019

International Art project About Women
Curator Marta Valls, supported by Volvera city council within the larger project NarraVolvera, in the wonderful Pilotti chapel, presents an Amazing art project that will be held June 29-30.

About Woman is a reflection about the many different ways of Being ,feeling and sensing Women in our current world , expressed by artists views and perceptions from all over the world, with their own cultural and social languages, trying to avoid stereotypes.
Therefore, the curator Marta Valls presents this international art exhibition developed in two contemporary shows :

• ABOUT WOMEN is an artistic, social, and demand project created by the artist Katia Muñoz. One of its main objectives is to contribute to the visibility of artists - especially creative women, create a network of information and promote interaction between artists and society on the subject of WOMEN. Online gallery: http://womensecretsconfidences.blogspot.com.es
This is how it stars The International Mail Art Project about Women. A collaborative project that begins with virtual calls inviting creative people (men and women) to send their postcards as part of the itinerant exhibition that travels through different cities like Amsterdam, Karlsruhe, Santa Marta, Bucaramanga, Barcelona, Madrid, Lugo, Freudenstadt, León y Bogota.
So far the organization has received over 2,200 postcards with the participation of nearly 500 artists from all continents. A true interaction between artists. The full installation is an impressive big wall dedicated to the feminine world. Which sometimes tells story loudly, sometimes whispering. It is a collection of meanings and visions of real and contemporary female world.

• The second exhibition showcases international and local artists , having in common with the mail project, subject and purposes such as social interaction, female Visions and stares. Following an international call, fourteen artists have been selected coming from Germany, Croatia, Finland, France, Spain and Holland together with established local artists.
The artists shortlist is: Anneli de Francis , Angela Policastro, Antonio Rovera, Dieter Hess, Gloria Keller, Iris Kamlah, Johannes Gerard, Laura Tono, Margherita Caliendo, Marta Valls, Micaela Calliero, Rosanna Gianni, Veronique Pozzi , Verok Gnos e Vlasta Mijac
Their art languages are very different , embracing all media …PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO ART, SCULPTURE AND DIGITAL ART.

POWERFUL, BREATHTAKING AND UNIQUE ARE THE ARTISTS VISIONS OF THE FEMALE WORLD… From the joyful dancing lightness of Kamlah, to the power of colourful shapes of Calliero, both appealing and curios the eyes of Policastro, the strength in the roaring woman of Keller, the solid roundness of Rovera, the evocative poetry of Valls photography, Pozzi’s anthropological research both ancestral and contemporary , Gnos breaking and generating shapes with the use of colours, Caliendo’s mystic and delicate abstractism, Gerard,s research of people borders and connections, the expressive Strenght of the courage in “Learning to fly” by de Francis, wonderful female Visions of Hess, Tono,s delicate transformation, Mijac’s emotive and poetic visions…and finally Giani's beautiful concept of women’s time.

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