Simone Stawicki Reflections of Reality
Exhibitions, Italy, Pisa, 30 April 2016
Simone Stawicki / Reflections of Reality

The exhibition ‘Reflections of Reality’ takes you into the mind of the artist Simone Stawicki. Stawicki lives and works in the Netherlands and she, as an artist, has her own vision on man and society. She observes and absorbs everything around her and like a sponge, she squeezes her thoughts upon her artwork. In this way she creates colourful art with a clear vision.
Simone Stawicki’s work is known for intensive use of colours, clear brushstrokes and a mix of subjects and space. It tells a story and stimulates thought. Therefore, she considers her work as a language; communicating from one heart to another heart. Every stroke, every line and every colour is thought through and its impact on the overall message is considered. In this way, she shows the viewer a philosophy that causes deep thoughts about God, humanity and society.

Everything is a poem. A painting is a visual poem, a reflection of the reality. A poem reflects reality in a way that our mind can comprehend or it gives you a different view on reality.
The installation ‘Thoughts’ contains paintings of women with Stawicki’s own thoughts written on it. The women emphasize the thoughts Stawicki had written.
The Dutch landscapes have inspired many artists for centuries. The famous Dutch light and the stillness of the water create time to bring people in ecstasy. Stawicki is fascinated by the light, the stillness and the reed. Reed represents strength, pride and tenderness.
‘Song of Songs’ is a Bible book which depicts the passionate love between a man and a woman. This is the inspiration for the ‘Song of Songs’ series in which she painted the love between two different cultures. Stawicki herself is the fruit of love between a Polish father and a Dutch mother. She herself has a husband from Indonesia and the love between different cultures fascinates her. The series is painted from a woman’s point of view.

When you visit the exhibition, take your time to look at the art. Time means that you shut off the outside world and enter the thoughts of Stawicki. When you can see the thoughts of Simone Stawicki, you can hear the soul of the artist.

Art is vision.

An abstract thought takes shape and adopts colour.
The abstraction of the thought becomes an image.
The image is expressed by my hand, which translates what I want to tell.
This is my language.
Listen to the silence and look at what I say.

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