REVOLUTION! - Blumen im Frühling
Exhibitions, Austria, Vienna, 26 March 2020
BIENNALE AUSTRIA exhibition “REVOLUTION! – Blumen im Frühling“ in collaboration with Galerie ART POOL VIENNA, Markgraf-Rüdiger-Strasse 13, 1150 Vienna, Austria.

BIENNALE AUSTRIA Association presents on occasion of the exhibition “REVOLUTION! – Blumen im Frühling“ positions of 11 artists on the subject Revolution.

Blumen im Frühling

Markgraf-Rüdiger-Strasse 13, 1150 Vienna

Opening: March 26, 2020 from 6 pm to 9 pm


Werner Otto EGELHOFER | Daisy GOLD | Ulrich KIRSCH | Marlis LEPICNIK
Ada MEE | Karl NACKLER | Elisabeth RASS | Herwig Maria STARK
Manfredo WEIHS | Sylvia WUTSCH | Ekaterina ZACHAROVA

Exhibition duration: March 26, to April 2, 2020
Opening times: MON – FRI 2 pm – 6 pm, SA! 11am – 4 pm

REVOLUTION! – Flowers in Spring
A confusing title – but aren’t the days of a revolution confusing and what does this have to do with flowers?
Flowers have been a good advertising medium for the message of a revolution for centuries in their man-made symbolism.
More recent examples are „the Arab Spring“ – here one could not agree on a single flower but wanted to point out the desires for change that spread across several states through the massive symbolism of spring.
Most flowers are given a combative force, which is often used for political purposes. Consider the “Red Gilly – flower“, the „Blue Cornflower“ or the „Edelweiss“.
Who doesn’t know the pictures of election events where people distribute flowers to other people? Who is asking the question, what is the symbolism behind it?
As an example, the “Red Gilly – flower“ is mentioned here. In the French Revolution a symbol of the resistance of the nobles and today a symbol of resistance for – ?
Sometimes tulips are also distributed, remembering the uprising in Kyrgyzstan in 2005?
Flowers are not a pretty accessory, flowers trigger emotions, stand for tolerance, nobleness, bravery, love of home, wealth, fidelity, love, purity, innocence, peace, freedom and much more.
„We will throw roses instead of bullets at our enemies“ (Swiad Gamsachurdia, First Democratic President, Georgia in 1992).
Now we are in the midst of a global shift that is changing many areas of our daily lives – innovations that we encounter with resilience.
Which „Symbol“ stands for the revolutions currently occupying us, do we find them in the symbolism of flora, or do we use digitally created symbols.
(Elisabeth Rass, 2019)

The exhibition „REVOLUTION! – Blumen im Frühling“ takes place at Gallery der „GALERIE ART POOL VIENNA“ in Vienna, Austria. The GALERIE ART POOL VIENNA located in the heart of the Nibelungenviertel near the Wiener Stadthalle, Austria’s largest event and cultural center.

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