2011 Varese International Art Colony
Workshops , Italy, Varese, 23 May 2011
Between March 23rd and March 29th, 2011 Atahotel Varese**** is home to an International Art Colony, created and curated by Adelinda Allegretti. The Art Colony shall bring together 26 artists from all over Europe. The initiative is open to painters and sculptors, who will be asked to work a full week in Atahotel Varese**** spaces, the one in close contact with other selected artists. The decision to select artists from cultures and realities so different, speaking different idioms, shall make the language of art the only true theme of the event. Artists from Spain, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Poland and so on will live all together for a whole week, perhaps realizing one or more works together, and Art will be the only possible trait d’union.
Atahotel Varese**** will host artists, offering food and lodging for the entire period. Each artist will be available canvases of different sizes. Other materials to be agreed with the curator at the time of selection, which will be used only after viewing the material about the corpus of works produced during his career, with particular attention to the most recent artworks. A single artist photographer and video maker will be selected with the aim of documenting the event through, respectively, the photos and video footage.
Each artist shall have to leave 4 artworks to the organizers, and they will be selected by the curator. All other artworks realized during the entire period of stay in Varese, will be auctioned. The auction will be held in Atahotel Varese**** presumably the last day of work. 60% of the proceeds going to the artist and the remaining 40% go to charity to an organization from Varese that shall be identified in the coming months. The auction will be open to the public. Unsold artworks will remain property of the artist. The artist must provide a certificate of authenticity for each of the four artworks donated to the organizers and those sold at auction.
The public is mainly addressed the event. Atahotel Varese **** will be open to the city from 10 am to 7 pm with free admission. Children and adults can follow the birth of the artworks, entering into contact with a world, that of artistic creativity, often exclusive prerogative of experts. One day, in particular, will be dedicated to children and, if they wish and still agree with the artists, working with them, helping to give birth to the artwork.
The work session shall open on May 23rd with an official presentation to the press. Varese’s media("Living", a monthly magazine, "La Prealpina" and "La Provincia di Varese," daily; "Arte Varese, TV) will follow the event for the entire duration of the work. Moreover, as already mentioned, the photographer and video maker will provide extensive documentation of the event. The artists will have to come to Atahotel Varese **** on May 22nd and depart on May 30th. The documentation for selection has to be sent via e-mail: ad.allegretti@inwind.it

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Associazione Roberta Smedili
9 years ago
Quando un evento unisce il mondo dell'arte con quello della solidarietà, il successo è assicurato. In bocca al lupo.

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