Performance Art Festival 2011 - Museum in Nocciano
Festivals, Italy, Pescara, 01 November 2033
Body Art, happening, Actionism.
An extraordinary event curated by Sibilla Panerai and Ivan d'Alberto.
on the 28th of May: conference with Giuseppe Morra and video art by Ugo la Pietra, Hermann Nitsch.
Performance Art by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser.
Human Installation 1: Gender Obsolescence
The Jeweler
on the 29th of May: meeting with Giuseppe Taiato
Performance Art by Flavio Sciolè
Performance Art by Sylvia Di Ianni

The Museum of contemporary art in Nocciamo opens the new season with a Festival about the most controversy phenomenon of the history of art: performance art; a cultural opportunity to discover the world of body art, happening and Actionism.
The festival, curated by the Art Historians Sibilla Panerai and the Museum director Ivan d'alberto has been dividing up in two sections: one of the meetings about historical artists with their videoperformance and the second one is the performance art realized by contemporary young artists in three locations: Museum in Nocciano, the Florian Teatro stabile d'Innovazione in Pescara and Teathre Marruccino in Chieti.
on Saturday 28th of May at 9.30 a.m, the Festival begins with the meeting with the historian of Art Bianca Campli and Sibilla Panerai "Performance art in Italy from the nineteen sixties to today. For this debate are invited the schools and the Academy of Art.
since the 12 a.m. you can watch the movies "La grande occasione, ed. Triennale di Milano (1973), Interventi pubblici per la città di Milano, ed. Triennale di Milano (1979) e La riappropriazione della città, Ed. Centre Georges Pompidou (1977)" by Ugo La Pietra, international architecture, designer and performer.
since the 4p.m. is dedicated to the one of the bigger Vienna actionists, Hermann Nitsch with the participating of Giuseppe Morra, the director of the Museum in Naples, will present two Hermann Nitsch's video: Das O.M. Theater 96.aktion Festa di Pentecoste, Vigna San Martino, Napoli 26 maggio 1996 e Nitsch & Caravaggio 130.aktion, Pio Monte della Misericordia Napoli, maggio 2010.

At the 9 p.m. in the Theatre Florian in Pescara Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser present two pieces of their performance art: "Human Installation 1: Gender obsolescence (Obsolescenza del Genere)"; and "the Jeweler".
Julius and Kyrahm's research explores extreme body art, queer theory and live art. Kyrahm created very strong impact performances, she's a visual artist and body artist too. Julius kaiser is videomaker, performance artist and the most famous drag king performer in Italy. Together they created Extreme Gender Art, a project to promote censored performance art realizing events in theatre, art galleries, museums, international festivals.
Human Installation 1: Gender Obsolescence by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser
The naked body and the I. The mask and the stereotype.
It’s a gynandroid performance where the transition process is intermingled with poetry.
Sex is represented as skin, female, male. Gender is represented in the sense of self, of man, and of woman. A journey, a crossing, a transition. Naked bodies lined up slowly coming closer. Each individual has a story. They are holding hands. Changing sex is painful like birth. The golden masks on their faces are not to hide their identities: In fact as they come closer it is possible to distinguish their genders: a biological man, a trans man, a trans woman, a biological woman. From the bottom of the stage, a female creature unfolds from behind a black towel and goes to stand behind them: she walks across touching the bodies, one after the other. The pain is tiring, the flesh a substance to be shaped. The solemn rite of dressing up - in trousers, jacket and tie: it's the return to the opposite. For a transsexual changing sex is not becoming a man but a return to being a man. There is no need to wear the masks anymore: the self is revealed.
AWARD: ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE - PERFORMANCE ART - 2009(International Art prize - Venezia, Italy)
International Festivals: IDKEX, Columbus (Ohio) - USA 2008 chosen among the 30 best gender exploration performances in the world
Berlin - Germany 2008
The Jewelery - Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser.
The status simbol is used to scar between pain and the difference of power in the gender roles. it was presented during the collateral event of Venezia Biennale Ecosexual Blue Wedding 2009 with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens.

Sunday 29th of May
since the 10 a.m at Teatro Marrucino the meeting "Oltre i confine del corpo" and the Sylvia Di Ianni's performance "the girl robot plays the bell game, Music Riccardo Alemanno (Kabalisti), Mimmo Pesce's sculptore, video by Gloria Saya.
At the 5 p.m. at the conference hall in Museum in Nocciano the encounter dedicated to the artist Giuseppe Desiato, a performer very far from the academic world but closer the social trouble in Naples. Teacher for Istitute of Art in Aquila, collaborated with Otto Muehl and Hermann Nitsch in Naples.
The historian of art Raffaella Perna will comment Desiato's video Dalla pittura alla sposa (Napoli 1983), courtesy by the gallery of art Delloro Arte Contemporanea in Rome.

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Teatro Stabile d'Innovazione Florian Espace
via Valle Roveto 39
Pescara 65124

foto : "Human Installation 1: Obsolescenza del genere"(Gender Obsolescence) performance art by Kyrahm e Julius Kaiser

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