Exhibitions, Italy, Messina, Taormina, 19 November 2016
Yesterday, challenging metereologie weather, was held successfully, the event promoted and presented by FIDAPA of Taormina, for the presentation of the book Dinara Saleeva, "Where runs the Gorgon?", Mythological routes of Sicily in the Russian language, and the book by Ekaterina Nagvkina "the streets of Sicily. My grandtour", unusual itineraries dell`isola.
During l`evento we were exhibited some works of Ghumbert. The book Dinara Saleeva, "Where runs the Gorgon?", Offers to the public interested in the Russian of the Greek myths in Sicily, information and interesting routes through citte and the Sicilian provinces. It is a book read, which involved l`autrice to dedicate many years of research in various libraries and archives in different parts of the world.
The book by Ekaterina Nagavkina, "The Streets of Sicily. My grandtour", will illustrate, with Sicily in the pictures taken by his son Daniil, unusual paths suggesting the mother-author, and that she, expert guidance of our land, love of most of our island.
Ghumbert, author of the book cover "Where runs the Gorgon?", The Kaos series, was invited to espore his works related to the myths, and the book "The streets of Sicily. My grandtour" some watercolors of landscapes Sicilians.
Paola Costa, president of FIDAPA of Taormina, thanked on behalf of his association, the president of the Foundation Mazzullo, Alfio Auteri, which hosted l`evento, and Russian On honorary consul. Nanni received, the authors of the books, and `Ghumbert artist, for their participation, and the entire audience.
The event ended with refreshments reinforced by snacks of the best Sicilian tradition.

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