Exhibitions, Italy, Caserta , Aversa, 21 December 2012


curated by Rosanna Moretti

Friday, December 21th, 2012 starting from 7 'till 11 pm opens Maria Crispal's performance.
The Harmony's maison, hosts the second meeting with the contemporary art and opens its romantic spaces of the villa "Harmony Sposa", the day on which, it says, we all wait the end of the world: a celebration act, the terror of a hypothetical end of the world as well as a hope for a new era. Playing on the fears that this date has generated in the collective imagination, the Artist wants to mix the rumors amplified from the network with the ancient traditions and her own visionary clairvoyance to create a performance-event assembled on different communication scales; the communication and the connections generated by it assume, in this case, a key conceptual value.
The performance will be a shared feast in which the Artist's figure and the connective recovery of the Christmas holidays origins will be attributable to the Winter Solstice and the cyclic changes of the nature.
The action will be, therefore, a communion rite with the public. Maria Crispal will represent symbolically her own body like many candy eggs with a logo..the shape of her own eye.
The popular date, 12/21/2012 will announce, then, a new utopian world where everybody are reconciled in the ancestral figure of the Great Mother, played by Maria Crispal.
A performance that includes a moment where the veneration's object is the people themselves.

Maria Crispal (Teramo, 1980) Lives and works between Rome and New York.
After her studies (BA in Literature, minor in Art History, MA in European Planning for Cultural and Environmental Heritage), Maria Crispal worked on planning and managing European projects in which art deals with current issues, in collaboration with private and public bodies. Those ideas have later materialized in artistic actions through performances and video productions. In 2008 she is one of the founding member of the network of Solstizio Project, whose neodimensional action (born from Giuseppe Stampone’s work Acquerelli per non sprecare la vita), focuses on didactics, social issues, arts and new media, and includes projects co-funded by the European Union, the collaboration of Alberto Abruzzese and Derrick de Kerckhove from the IULM University of Milan and of the Ong ProgettoMondo Mlal, whose activity extends over 21 countries around the world. The Solstizio’s action spreads over Italy, Poland, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, Cyprus, United States, England, Morocco, Burkina Faso and Benin.
In the European project We are the Planet (2011-2014, Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development), Maria Crispal has ideated the experimental artistic workshop Ecoslogong, conceived for dealing with the 7th Millennium Goal of the United Nations.
Her debut as artist is in 2008 with the performance Viva la fata Turchina in S.Spirito in Saxia, Rome, by Valentina Ciarallo; and then with her exhibitions, festivals and collaborations with artists as the composer Carlo Crivelli and the musician Jonathan Williams. The theory of her experimentations was conveyed giving lectures at the Faculty of Literature of the University La Sapienza, in Rome, and collected in a monograph edited by Antonello Tolve (Icona Connettiva, Edition Museo MMAC of Salerno, April 2012). She was selected for the residence project Art-Ex at the S. Martins College of London for the spring 2013.

Info: Cell. 392.7933000 harmonyaversa@gmail.com
Villa Harmony Sposa Via A. Diaz, 98. Aversa

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