Exhibitions, Italy, Verbania, Piedimulera, 15 November 2014
Alessia Zucchi takes us in his works through a path that goes to the nature, touching the deepest feelings, touching the senses and the soul coming.
That 's where you want to reach, with the simplicity and delicacy of a flower, with pure words of a soft brush and the poetry of its delicate colors.
"I make flowers in watercolor, because I have the will to use watercolor and flower in a different way"; these are the words of Alessia Zucchi that guide us in the journey of the soul.
Its flower has everything and everything is contained, is divided into an autonomous space that is linked to the rest and know how to be alone. This is his challenge.
A flower laying in a meadow all look; or to not notice, she was caught and "told" in this game of perspectives, lights, cuts, observations that challenge the scientific naturalist to reach the depth of the essence.
Alessia as the nakedness of the soul with "clothes" and those precious petals in beautiful move and capture us.
He expresses his works with a lot of shyness and humility and how our friendship binds us for years, in the talk of his paintings, I had before me the white flower and simple as the magnolia grandiflora, which she calls "a tree so big and little known, whose flower sometimes disappears. "
The guided tour of the thoughts and reflections, the artist invites us to set out from the intense fragrance of a lily, the silkiness of a rose petal and the sound of clapping and sunflowers dahlias intense.
In white are all colors, cyclamen is the soul.
Michael Cerizza

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