Exhibitions, Italy, Verbania, Piedimulera, 30 May 2015
The Project Artemisia born in 2008 wants to introduce the art to established and unknown artists offering women without age limits and geographical origin, are women who work seriously and who believe in what they do. The event lasts three weeks is enriched by various events, book presentations, readings, performances, everything is made possible thanks to generous volunteers who gravitate within the Association LaborART. Thanks to all the Artist, presenters, and in particular the writer Emilia Sarogni which for some years has honored us with his presence from time to time by presenting his fascinating books. The event is presented by Professor Federica Mingozzi.
Raffaella Baldissone, Angela BETTA HOUSE, Chiara HEAT, Ivana CASALINO, Erminia GEBBIA, Elisa LONGONI, Gabriella MONTINI, Silvia Perrone, Paca RONCO
May 30 at 17:00 Greetings from the Mayor Dott. Alessandro LANA
 Opening with Guest of Honour Emilia Sarogni, presentation book "Alexander MALASPINA" by Federica MINGOZZI readings curated by Daniela and Elena BONACINI Nunziatini With the participation of the folk group "The Stciupatell"
31 May 17.00 hours reading poems by Elisa LONGONI by Anny PIACENZA Gaulier
June 7 at 20.45 Silvana PIRAZZI "Paintings and novels in the living room of the Belle Epoque" readings curated by Daniela and Elena BONACINI Nunziatini
June 12 at 17:00 Book presentation Amilca ISMAEL by Danila TASSINARI
June 13 at 17:00 presentation of the book by Raffaella Baldissone Paul CROSA LENZ
June 20 at 17:00 Path poetic feminine, through the words of some great authors by Federica MINGOZZI. Readings by Silva Cristofari.
 June 21 17:00 Daniela BONACINI and Elena Nunziatini in "Women: Dee, nymphs and sirens. Love in the Time of Ithaca."

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