Exhibitions, Italy, Verbania, Piedimulera, 11 June 2016
The Artemisia Project, now in its 7th edition, has had a great response this year, almost an awakening, an awareness, a desire to do. Born in 2008, he wants to introduce the art to women, offering established artists and unknown artists, regardless of age and geographical origin: young mothers who know how to balance work, family and the Arts, mature women thanks to ' experience offering high-level works, women who work hard and believe in what they do. Artemisia is the perfect marriage between art, beauty and culture, virtually the mirror WOMAN: Here in the small town of Piedimulera are proud to host a project that is unique in the whole Ossola. Sponsoring this wonderful event, the City of Piedimulera apply a real policy aimed at enhancement of a fancy all-female: to believe in the woman as protagonist and not simply as "pink quota", a term much overused in recent years, but, in my humble opinion, does not do justice to the true value of many girls, women, mothers and grandmothers, who daily are busy working, studying, doing the mothers and, in this case, devoting himself to art. The Project Artemisia is made possible thanks to generous volunteers who gravitate within the Association LaborART. A thank you to all the Artist, presenters, and in particular the writer Emilia Sarogni, which for some years has honored us with his presence, presenting each time his fascinating books.

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Paolo Davide Manina
3 years ago
Complimenti per lo splendido vernissage!

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