Artistic Autonomies - Extended Selections to June 18
Prize calls, Italy, Roma, 08 July 2011
The Epireo Art Gallery in collaboration with the “Academy of Free Arts and Sciences Alexandros”, under the Patronage of Cultural Policies and of the Historical Center of the City of Rome, select artists for the exhibition of contemporary art AUTONOMIE ARTISTICHE to be held at the Rome headquarters of The Epireo Art Gallery from July 8 to 22, 2011. The exhibition aims at enhancing the artistic development of emerging and well-known authors, offering a prestigious showcase for place as one of the most popular district of Rome, near the popular Church of “San Giovanni in Laterano”. In addition, the Alexandros Accademy, who has been supporting and supports new artistic proposals, allocates a share of € 500.00 for the acquisition of a work among those on display, chosen at the discretion of the rector Academy, which will form part of the collection of The Alexandros Accademy.

The selection is open to all Italian and foreign artists, regardless of age, engaged in the following disciplines: painting, photography, sculpture and drawing.
CHARACTERISTICS OF WORK: The theme is free as well as the technique, the size limit for the paintings, photographs and drawings are 50x70 cm while the sculpture is 80x40x40 cm.
ENTRY FEE: 35,00 € to partially cover the organizational costs.

By June 18, 2011: Submitting material for the selection By June 22, 2011: Communication artists selected for the exhibition by email By July 5, 2011: Enter by courier (see section ENTER WORKS) July 8, 2011: An evening with the opening vernissage. 8 to 22 July 2011: Exhibition of selected works at the Rome headquarters of The Epireo Art Gallery.
For the selected artists the participation in inclusive of:
2. Setting up and dismantling displays
3. Opening Vernissage
4. Brochure / Catalogue of the exhibition
5. Digital Invitations
6. Press office service (press release and spread advertising the event)
7. Communication to our contact lists
8. Graphic Design
9. Caretaker
10. Sales assistance
11. CD with photo-reportage of the event
12. Certificate of Attendance
13. Inclusion in the gallery site ( in the Artists section by creating a personal page dedicated to the biography and works.

To download the entry form visit, click on "Mostre e Concorsi", then on "Autonomie Artistiche" and then on "Scarica la documentazione"

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