ZOOart 2012 opening
News, Italy, Cuneo, 05 July 2012
The contemporary art exhibition ZOOart to be held in public spaces in Cuneo and the Fresia Gardens will be inaugurated on Thursday 5 July at the Fresia Gardens of Cuneo.
Reaching its eleventh edition, the event will again inhabit Cuneo for 3 weeks with its formula of evening open space exhibitions as it has done since 2002.

As always, its itinerary will value the context of local art, as confirmed this year with the project ZOOart.local while maintaining a keen focus on the panorama of the international art world.
Thirty six artists will present their own works, their individual journeys focused on the common theme of the relation between humanity, individual and society, and the environment.
Also this year, the organisation of supporting events will involve the collaboration of artists, designers, locals, associations as well as private and local business partners in order to present creative public workshops.

This year in particular the first edition of the ZOOart.local project will be inaugurated, it was created through a collaboration between Art.ur and the CRC Foundation to support artists who were born in, are residents of, or working currently in the Cuneo Province.
Eight young artists, selected by a panel composed of representatives from Art.ur and the CRC Foundation will exhibit their own artworks during the course of ZOOart: Daniele Beccaria, Marco Cerutti, Nefertari Di Cianni & Damiano Fenoglio, Moira Franco, Paola Monasterolo, Enrico Tealdi, The Bounty Killart and Viola Virdis. Three of these artists will be awarded by the CRC foundation which will purchase their artworks.

At the same time, the old town centre will be transformed by the 2012 edition of urban installations as part of ZOOincittà, created through months of work during specific workshops attended by the Order of Architects as well as students of the Departments of Architecture and Design at the Polytechnic school of Turin.

Site-specific installations to be located on the facades of buildings in Via Roma, Via Mondovi and Piazza Audifreddi in Cuneo have been designed for the last few months by young architects and designers of Cuneo and the students of the Polytechnic school and will be visible from the 5 – 31 July. They will incorporate the theme of ‘Invisible landscapes’, commenting on the need to draw public attention to the landscapes of Cuneo’s urban spaces.
The collaboration between designers and the sponsors CasaOikos, FerreroLegno, LPM, Market Compensati, TPL, Vincenzo Pilone and Abet Laminati will result in the creation of a series of ad hoc installations placed in Audifreddi Square. In fact, amusing happenings and installations will be take place using the materials produced by these companies.
The project, created in partnership with the Commerce Association of Via Roma and Via Mondovi also involves a collaboration with the Campus Granda and the Agricultural Faculty who’s courtyard will house an installation made by the students of the Polytechnic school. A conference to present the initiative will held in this location on 29 June in presence of various institutional and private partners.

On Thursday and Saturday evenings in the three weeks between 5 – 22 July live performances and playlists selected by Art.ur and the independent label Betulla Records will be presented in the Fresia Gardens for the event ZOOlive organised by the association Origami.

Finally, the workshop ‘Ombretta e Lucetta’ , part of the ZOObimbi project, will allow children to use their imaginations through the creative recycling of objects and materials to transform them into alternative and exciting tools and games that use natural elements as a source of energy. These workshops will take place in the Fesia Gardens on each Thursday and Friday during ZOOart.

The selected artists for ZOOart:

During the first week (5-8 June):
ALIMENT(e)AZIONE, AuroraMeccanica, Irene Anton, Beatrice Barrois, The Bounty Killart, Tiziana Cittadini, Nefertari Di Cianni, Antonio Guiotto, Natalie Mcllroy, Paola Monasterolo, Yiannis Pappas, Anne Patsch, Geraldine Py & Roberto Verde, Enrico Tealdi.
During the second week (12-16 July):
Elham Asadi, Daniele Beccaria, Delphine Gatinois, Moira Franco, Eva Isleifsdottir, Luca Matti, Lara Marconi, Ann Oren, Andrea Piras, Sejma Prodanovic.
During the third week (19,22 July):
Anna Byskov, Sylvia Grace Borda, Melania Catteruccia & Andrea Cerruto, Marco Cerutti, Francesca Dainotto, Giustino Di Gregorio e Fabio Perletta, Federica Peyrolo, José Miguel Maluenda Razeto, Maria Carmela Milano, Viola Virdis.

All the initiatives are supported and sponsored by the Piedmont Region, Cuneo Province, Cuneo City, Turin City, the CRC Foundation, the CRT Foundation, GAI, Polytechnic school of Turin, the Albertina Academy of Turin, The Agricultural Faculty, Campus Granda, the Order of Architects of Cuneo, the Origami Association.

The main sponsors are: Porticone, Commerce Committee of Via Roma, Commerce Committee of Via Mondovì, CasaOikos, FerreroLegno, Lannutti, LPM, Market Compensati, TPL, Vincenzo Pilone.

The technical sponsors: Abet Laminati, Betulla Records, Castelmar, Cirifer, Fuoritempo, Sciaretta & C. Milan Insurance, Mollo noleggio, OML, Oxley, Studio M.

Media partner:
CUNEO7 and Cuneocronaca.it

Technical Information:

TItles: ZOOart, ZOOart.local, ZOOincittà, ZOOlive, ZOObimbi edition 2012
Organisation: Art.ur Association

ZOOart and ZOOart.local:
Location: Fresia Gardens, Corso Giovanni XXIII, Cuneo.
Inauguration: Thursday 5, 12, 19 July 2012 at 9.00pm
Dates: 5 - 8, 12 - 15, 19 - 22 July 2012 from 9.00pm - 12.00am

Location: Via Roma, Contrada Mondovì and Audifreddi Square, Cuneo.
Inauguration: Thurday 5 July 2012
Date: 5 - 31 July 2011
Presentation conference Friday 29 June at 5.30pm, Agricultural Faculty, 3 Turin Square, Cuneo.

Location: Fresia Gardens, Corso Giovanni XXIII, Cuneo
Dates: 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21 July 2012, from 9.30pm

Location: Fresia Gardens, Corso Giovanni XXIII, Cuneo
Dates: Thursday 5, 12, 19 July 2012, 4.30pm - 6.30pm; 9.00pm - 11.00pm
Date: Friday 6, 13, 20 July 2012, 4.30pm - 6.30pm

website: www.zooart.it
email: pqemi@tiscali.it, info@zooart.it

phone number: +39 3396908997
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