Exhibitions, Italy, Grosseto, 03 September 2011
A.G.A.F. (Grosseto Arts Association) invites to international exhibition of Contemporary Art and crafts called MaremmArtExpò which will be held from 3 to 10 September 2011, at the new shopping centre "Aurelia Antica" in Grosseto.
Exposure to artists and craftsmen will be able to participate in a national and international scope. Principle inspirator of the exhibition is to make arts and crafts free from market logic that they see as economically to exploit, the artists will exhibit their works at a cost benefit that covers only the costs of construction, those costs will be divided proportionally among the exhibitors according to the spaces and services requested. Intent of MaremmArtExpò is to do a simple exhibition, but an exhibition of works by unpredictable and unexpected, able to strip the gesture, the personality and the thinking of contemporary artist. Activities and events:
– sports within the Exhibition Centre;
– performances by music groups;
-Performance of young artists with graffiti running;
– Photographic exhibition of reissue: "man bike Maremma" edited by the cultural association Grossetociclabile. – Various and any.

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