"Portrait & self portrait"
Exhibitions, Italy, Milano, 19 May 2011
Opening Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 18:30

by Giorgia Berra and Ivano Taccori

Until May 31, 2011, Monday to Friday, at 15-18 (entry free appointment)

C.so Garibaldi 2, Milan

Tel +39-02862861, +39-3472700757

Web: www.spaziotaccori.com - email: info@spaziotaccori.com
the event will be filmed and broadcast by Francesco Barbieri's photographs Nicola Righetti .

Ivano Taccori, described repeatedly as "Patron of Brera", carries on an important series of exhibitions in the spectacular setting of the building fell Vintage in Corso Garibaldi 2, offering the opportunity for artists young and old to exhibit their work in an important show in Milan. Space Taccori is a meeting place and discussion, a sort of hearth art in which the players to know and converse with them.

Some considerations-The portraiture has always been associated with history of declining them the spirit of each period and assuming apotropaic functions from time to time, and commemorative documentaries.

Over the centuries, human activity of "portray" sent the will to convey the inner experience of a given character, the "movements soul "constantly investigated by the great Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), landmark of Renaissance humanism. The vision anthropocentric Renaissance elevated the self-portrait genre, while in Roman Mannerist portraits were a way of expressing the concerns interior of the subject and more general issues social time.

With the expected growth of the photograph, the objective documentary and commemorative portrait of nineteenth-century bourgeois lost force. But unlike what is claimed in the early years of the advent of photography, art, painting and sculpture did not undergo a downgrading of their kind in the end is never paid to the mere imitation of reality but fantasy and imitation seconds imagination, land development of human subjectivity.

The research followed that of Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) then led a "deconstruction" of the image, which originated from the search for yield concise and expressive, sometimes reaching to the "irriconoscibilità" of subject. So Marie Angélique Satre, girl of Pont Aven, refuse to La Belle Angele in recognizing that the drastic simplification physiognomic and made folk were the result of research conducted by post-impressionist Paul Gauguin (1848-1903).

From this moment the question of verisimilitude was no longer the structure of the face but his expression.

The contemporary portrait owes its identity to two fundamental protagonists of the second half of the Twentieth Century: Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) and Francis Bacon (1909-1992). Giacometti traveled a search continues equivalence between vision and the artist made the sculpture model. The result was a simultaneous reading of the whole, ie space surrounding the separation between the physical model by the artist. Bacon, through the implementation of pictorial images derived from photos, film and X-ray camera made in the stravolse strokes and pasty materials.

The research of Bacon and Giacometti reflect the image of contemporary: through the undefined section of the modeled and understood communicate the human condition in a century marked by a dramatic conflicts in which the intellectuals appealed to the relativity and psychological introspection.

In the light of a psychoanalytic reading, the portrait shows a face dualism: the self and the mask or the individual and the person. The Ego represents the psychic sphere of conscious personality who holds the role to harmonize the commands from the superego or the Mask formed early in life and contains the set of social rules and determining the individual's moral identity. These two poles fit into the larger perceptual system work, resulted from synergy of three different actors: the artist who is proposing its own investigation in the language of the visible, the subject represented and the observer by which you enable reception of the work. Otherwise, nell'autoritratto, the triangulation that is contracted into two parts, the artist and the observer. In this case, the "portrait" becomes a conceptual device by which the artist to see himself as author of becoming a reflection of what surrounds him.

The constant renewal in a contemporary portrait of the documents its important role in the mechanism of identity that has involved the whole humanity that gives the face of the complexity of meanings that are own.

Anthony Attinà (Reggio Calabria, 1953) lives and works in Milan. After artistic maturity he graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria under the guidance of Giuseppe Marino.

The long stretch of brush strokes and colors are strong and determined main characteristics of his works, in which investigates human subjects and landscapes on canvas by transposing a world filtered through a subjective view and complex reality.

Iris Au (Hong Kong) lives and works in Paris. He graduated in Literature and translation at the University of Hong Kong. Training Institute Marangoni in Milan allows you to work with major brands of fashion such as Burberry, Anna Sui etc. Self-taught photographer, Iris Au offers visual experiments in which unexpected, unusual and surreal bind gently.

Mimmo Di Marzio (Naples, 1963) lover of art, a passion that extends from years to 360 degrees in the activity reporting, criticism, teaching and art.
Head of Milan's cultural pages of "Il Giornale", is a professor of Brera Academy of Fine Art Publishing. Curator of numerous exhibitions, public and private in Italy and abroad, has always cultivated the art of painting saw the exhibit in several exhibitions including: Ideological (gallery Wannabee), The Smile of the cat Alice and The Red and the Black (gallery Silvano Lodi), Italian painting (Galleria Obraz) and the number of group Taccori area of R03;R03;Milan.

Martino Maurizio (Reggio Calabria, 1954) after the scientific maturity he graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, where he became a pupil Domenico Purificato.

Her artistic beginnings date back to the 60s in the early seventies the His paintings are strongly influenced by the work of Pietner, and Cremonini Warlike. Following a study of etching techniques in eighties Maurizio Martino leads to a figurative painting and strongly color.

Ester Negretti (Como, 1978) after graduating from the Itis Como's silk factory, working with several design studios, creating cards saved, furniture and clothing. In the meantime, he attended some courses decoration and trompe l'oeil painting, although his real training is workshop and at the side of the masters and Saltarelli Tettamanti. In the works paintings by Ester Negretti figures emerge from the pasty and material gray surface appearances as dream.

Sunyoung Lee (Yeosu, 1987) lives and works in Seoul and Milan. Student Bocconi University, Korea, following studies by participating in a painting mural project in Seoul and various architectural projects. Between 2009 and 2010, presents the exhibition The Naked and the comparison to his fantasies and Portraits Space required Taccori. His style looks realistic objects light reflecting his vision of the world.

Savini Daniela (Teramo, 1975) after he graduated in artistic maturity Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Parma. At the center of artistic research Daniela Savini is the man in his relation with the world hanging in the balance between awareness of the transience of existence and life force guards in memory, in their roots and affections.

Emily Fox (Milan, 1958) after completing high school diploma in artistic painting Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera specializing later in packaging design. Art teacher and disciplines art at several schools in Milan, in 1992 he founded the ARTEMISIA group intensified its work of art. Since January 2006 to 2007 leads the weekly program "Journey to the Center Artemisia Color "aired on RadioImago online. The favorite subjects Emanuela Volpe female figures are described in geometrical structures and fierce chromatic anti-naturalistic, becoming subjects of narratives interiors.


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