Reporting ...a revolution (continued)
Exhibitions, Germany, Berlin, 11 February 2012
Photo exhibition “Reporting ...a revolution (continued)”
Feb. 12th - 19th 2012 FREIES MUSEUM BERLIN
On the occasion of the international premiere of the documentary feature
ALTHAWRA... KHABAR (Reporting...A Revolution) by Bassam
Mortada (Berlinale Special, 2012), Al-Masry Media Group is presenting a photo exhibition with about 60 photographs by 16 young Egyptian photographers working for the independent daily newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, Cairo, Egypt, documenting the events in 2011 and the time after.
ALTHAWRA... KHABAR (Reporting...A Revolution) is a film about six
journalists from Egypt reporting from the heart of their countries
revolution. It’s an 18 days biography of a nation and six reporters.
Because the protest continues Al-Masry Al-Youm wishes to publish the works of reporters and photographers who continued to report to the public. The exhibition “Reporting...a revolution (continued)” presents the work of 16 photographers and video reports of journalists who continue to report on the revolution. Photos shot the 25th of January this year complete and update this exhibition.

With works by:
Amr Abd Alla, Fouad Elgarnousy, Mohamed El Garnousy, Hazem Abd El Hamid Ahmed El Masry, Aly El Malky, Mohamed El Shamy, Hossam Fadl, Namir Galal, Ahmed Haymen, Mohamed Hossam El Din, Mohamed Khaled, Mohamed Maarouf, Kismet El Sayed, Tarek Wagih and Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

Short videos by Al-Masry Al-Youm - also available online - documenting important moments of the revolution and events after Mubarak’s resignation will also be shown at the museum.

Opening: Saturday, February 11th, 3pm to 10pm
Talk with photographer Ahmed Haymen:
Sunday, February 12th, 3pm to 5pm, followed by video screening.

The exhibition is curated by Katia Hermann in collaboration with Kismet El Sayed.

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