Fritz Baumgartner. Abstraction
Exhibitions, Italy, Cosenza, Acri, 25 June 2011
From Saturday, June 25, 2011, the MACA (Contemporary Art Museum of Acri) will host a retrospective dedicated to the great Austrian painter Fritz Baumgartner (1929-2006), master of line and color that, in the course of his career, has been able to skillfully blend the expressionist lesson to a more and more urgent need of abstraction, giving rise to a collection of paintings, drawings and stained glass windows characterized by a wonderful graphic technique and a driving energy.
The exhibition - the largest collection of works by the Austrian artist ever made in Italy - will be composed of more than fifty paintings and thirteen drawings that range from the early '50s, back when he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Munich, under the giudance of Oskar Kokoshka, to the latest works he created a few months before his death.
"Artist restless and versatile - wrote the art dealer Arturo Bottello, to whom we owe the proposal and the dissemination of his work in Italy - no doubt one of the more interesting contemporary graphic designers and an educated man who blends a total sense of existence, uncommon intelligence and vital compassion with a way of thinking, seeing, and marking the essence of life that expands among the people. "
The very essence of life is what shines through most of his works, genuine epiphanies of the mundane, increasingly individual and personal abstract representations made of human existence in all its facets, from the most ironic and light moments to the most profound, tragic and passionate. The mythical and biblical references are fully present in his work, treated with intelligence and genuine cultural and spiritual sensitivity, as it happens with the celebration of sensuality and carnality, a wide range of topics that is refracted in the versatility of expressions witnessed by more than fifty years of constant research and renewal of its pictorial language.


Where: MACA (Contemporary Art Museum of Acri)
Piazza G. Falcone, 1 – 87041 Acri (Cs)
Curator: Boris Brollo
Vernissage: 25th June, 2011, 6:00 pm
Exhibition period: from 25th June to 2nd October, 2011
Exhibition hours: tuesday to sunday, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 to 8 pm; monday closed
info: Museum tel. +39(0)984953309; Press Office tel. +39(0)119422568

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