Spoleto ArtFestival 2019
Exhibitions, Italy, Perugia, Spoleto, 27 September 2019
Also this year the Spoleto ArtFestival returns to present a magical world, a world made of colors and passions, a world where dreams and ideas prevail, where our spirit is free to imagine worlds and unique places to free their emotions.
We are in front of a cultural, media and cultural phenomenon of proportions unimaginable until recently, something that even our detractors had to celebrate recognizing a role of great importance in the contemporary art scene, a phenomenon that has exceeded the boundaries of this land reaching faraway places to testify how much this work has been carried out with perseverance and professionalism.
This edition, dedicated to the great Gian Carlo Menotti, will be even richer and curated just to give the right tribute to an illustrious character who made great Spoleto with his Festival, an edition that has already echoed the most important Italian newspapers with articles and reviews that have, as well as a symbolic value, a great "attributional" value because generated by the tenacity and passion that is often not present in those who promote artistic events. A plaud, of course, to the President, Prof. Luca Filipponi, who has dedicated, without interruption, all his time to this event, presenting it in every corner of Italy and beyond, igniting interest and hope in a world where it counts only hang some paintings on the walls without bothering to return something to the artist who pays and who only wants to be seen and understood and then, why not, maybe even to become part of some collection to be present in the eyes and mind of those who he did it, exactly as you do when you buy a precious volume and then you can jealously savor the content of its pages day after day.
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