Art Time 2011
Exhibitions, Italy, Venezia, 23 September 2011
International exhibition of Contemporary Art in the same period of 54° Biennale d'arte Venezia. Opening reception is on Friday September 23th 2011 at 17h30 in the Scoletta of St.John the Baptist Campo Bragora - Castello, Venice.
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Giacomo Ponzi
8 years ago
Giacomo Ponzi Artist
Auguroni per la mostra! Ciao.
Maria Cristina  Neviani
8 years ago
Nathalie Guerra NEUTRAL-ISM
8 years ago
Grazia! Thank you very much!!!
Andrea Boldrini
8 years ago
in bocca al lupo!
8 years ago
Cat Photographer
Tous mes voeux !
Associazione Roberta Smedili
8 years ago
good luck Nathalie

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