Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 21 February 2019
Thursday 21/02/2019 Performance at 4.00 pm free admission
MACRO, via Nizza 138, Rome

At the MACRO in via Nizza, among the selected artists we will have Paolo Bielli with his Ring, which will show himself in the form of a boxer in action, as always in his performances that are nothing but the existential metaphor of an artist's life that struggles to assert itself by always relating to the fight of the boxer because they are both alone in a dangerous place like a ring ... made of a violent confrontation with reality, figuratively represented in the boxing struggle.
Highlighting the actual emptiness that is in man, or better, that emerges as a consequence of the identification of man in research on himself. A theme repeated several times by the artist, already made known to the public in his first exhibition, 2005, entitled "Soap", to continue in 2011 at the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale and then again at the MAAM, with the use of this pink color, that is the pigs that were there slaughtered when the building was a factory of sausages, to mark a perfect union with the theme, which in this case becomes the self-portrait of an exploited individual.
Paolo Bielli on 21/02/2019 at 16.00 in the red room above the auditorium will perform his Gold-Ring performance. After he created five gold-fringed circles and after hanging them upward as the Olympics mark will appear running in the form of a boxer with gold robe and pink shorts and hopping will hit the circles one by one until they fall back on itself creating obstacles where it will remain tangled, but will manage to extricate itself from one circle to another creating a game of reflections like a cloud that seems to explode suddenly.
Thus earning the crown that has always dreamed of.
It will come out victorious as it is always in all its performances in which adversities will put the crown.
We will have before our eyes, a life in its endless struggle with oneself and against others, that continuous battle made of advanced and relegation from happiness to sadness, lived in a confrontation faced with courage and without fear, epic attitude of those who exposes to such a risky sport as boxing.
The confrontation-clash between the boxer and the artist is now his predominant research. Both alone struggle, to affirm their self.
creating an exchange game.

Title: Gold-Ring
Genre: Performance
Date: Thursday, February 21 at 16.00
Place: Macro Via Nizza 138 Rome

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