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Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 05 July 2014

The Gallery of Contemporary Art Wikiarte
Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
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Saturday, July 5, 2014
At the inauguration of the exhibition
Artist Sarah Arensi

The exhibition of Sarah Arens is not just a personal anthology that illustrates the work more or less complete artist. The exhibition develops not only a chronological discourse, but it illustrates the spiritual journey of inspiration. The deep theological knowledge of the artist, it defined "citizen of the world", the approach allows to build and religiously diverse symbols and synthesize hinges universally valid for all faiths to demonstrate how, in the end, converge in a 'unique origin and their differences are more methodological and semantic and metaphysical. Arens has thus cleared for the generating power to proclaim the love of all things mystical and oggettivizzarla in the image of the vortex, the spiral of truth, the concentration of the center, as the driving force of every religious concept. We will give below a brief and, of course, but is not limited to reading apparatus emotional spiritual growth made by the artist. An analysis which is backed by a few of the many religious symbols, but those considered the most popular and easy to understand.
BLISS, or bliss, is the first cycle of works, incorporating the first contact with a higher state of mind. To love and be loved with works such as Be Love, Loving, Heart Alchemy is the essential emotional predisposition, according to Arens, to approach the profound physical and mental health, as illustrated by the work Stillness Deep, Deep Soul Free Spirit, Bliss Paradise, Into the bliss. Vortices, gold, rays of brush, bright colors or monochrome gold are introduced to this cycle as the basic elements for all the iconography of the work of Arens.
The second series is built primarily LOVE chasms of color and glow gold and silver to indicate the strength and mesmerizing concentric, infinite (without beginning or end) of love. It is universal sentiment, which roots the chaos and then order it, a deus ex machine builder and destroyer of all things.
In the next cycle, VIRTUES I made with photographer Ferdinand Cioffi, painting and photography complement each other in a surreal atmosphere and sacred images of golden goddesses, "icons" pagan shape the cardinal virtues, those that transcend religions, mythologies and belief. The delicacy of color, with sweet contrast between the gold and bright colors, almost plastic-coated, stands hieratic poses and gestures but serene. The figures emanating rays persuadenti thanks to looks nice but fixating the viewer and the light but evocative gestures. The courage, symbolized by the purple and the candlelight, the joy expressed in the smile and embrace the freedom of the blue sky and open the eye of the Holy Spirit, peace in pink flowery lap of prosperity which Megale Mater and the rocking arms of the Madonna, the posting of meditation and therefore the ascension-hand raised as a barrier, the compassion in his chest and the hands that touch the heart, with the flourishing of equanimity, devotion or l ' be that tilts before the god and collects his hands in prayer, that the grace of ecstasy, among many, of iconographic had told Bernini's St. Teresa in her: "One day an angel appeared to me beautiful beyond measure. Vidi in his hand a long spear at the end of which there seemed to be a bit of fire. This seemed to strike more than once in the heart, so as to penetrate into me. The pain was so real that I groaned out loud several times, but it was so sweet that it I could wish to be freed. No earthly joy can give you a similar satisfaction. When the angel took his spear, I was with a great love for God. "So also is the abandonment rediscovered by the images of the Greek flora or bathers of Cézanne for their appearance in the blue deep and undisturbed peace, while the bliss becomes the image of the divinity itself shrouded in royal red with eyes closed, away from the mundane world.
The fourth cycle tells UNDER 'UNIVERSAL. It takes up the discussion emphasizing the virtues to their absolute value. The grace of God is made explicit in being possessed by the vortex of infinity as a clear reference to the series LOVE, the yield is seen in purple cloth dropped on the ground to symbolize - in the symbolism of the internal cycles-the abandonment of courage, compassion repeats open arms in the act of offering a hug and then comfort, and ultimately forgiveness to the height, the superiority of one who forgives, lifted by the strength of the vortex LOVE.
LIGHT AWARENESS GRACE (Grace Light Awareness) is the completeness of the route that goes from love to the virtues and their elevation to reach the universal light, grace, and therefore the awareness, represented by the vortex perfect golden heart of light absorbed in the fire of the spirit .
So you get to SPITITUAL ALCHEMY (Spiritual Alchemy). The spirit, who grew up in the path of the five series, captures the strength of maturity to reach the source of life (seen in the vortex perfect blue and gold), replicating indefinitely with the alchemical fire love and virtues acquired in the path, depicted in a number of colors and swirls of gold symbolizing the virtues in the series devoted to them.

Denitza Nedkova

Presentation by Denitza Nedkova
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni

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Duration of exhibition and related events
Give exhibition from 05 July to July 31, 2014
Saturday, July 12th hour 11:00 to 13:00 MEDITATION AND ARTISTIC for info and contacts: - 392 14.92.870
Gallery hours Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
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