Personal exhibition of Philip Zoli, Giancarlo Cuccù and Oria Strobino - presents Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 11 April 2015
The Contemporary Art Gallery Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
Is pleased to invite you
Saturday, April 11, 2015
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ORIA Strobino

The world, reflected in a thousand mirrors more or less deforming, is the world lived by Art. Every time when a creative questions himself about and everything that composes it (even its absence) triggered a mechanism that generates a particle of art, more or less physical, more or less objective, but always real. Aware of this trend, Wikiarte dedicated April 11 next three artists exploring the effects and natural objects of automatism said Art.

Philip Zoli was born in Faenza March 17, 1991, and his life is a ceaseless artistic journey between painting, applied arts, theater and cinema. Just a few years ago the artist decided to "confess" his painting to the public, already externalized in the anonymity of street murals. The art of Zoli focuses on whether all the dynamism cacophonous, nervous and deformed the new urbanity. The disenchanted vision and direct reflects contemporary inspiration, which reads the pages of the most expressive graffiti metropolitan with the nostalgia of a childhood spent full of polychrome naive. But the artist looks beyond the road, it protrudes from the heights of the world Art and vertigo born frames, clips of a documentary that tells the bad road in its filth, noisy in the voices of passers-by, never sleeping in the light of a thousand colors. But its not an anger expressionist. The social protest takes place through the rough simplicity of childhood traits and not through elaborate contortions of colors and shapes characteristic of the current one. And 'the painter of today: oblique, tense, contrary to the flatness.
An almost geological mapping builds the works of Marche Giancarlo Cuccù. The passion of his life is the exploration of reality extemporaneous, met in the landscape, in the face and in the human body, in still life. The main actor and author of the figuration of Cuckoo is the color. With polychrome lively artist builds his own vision of the world split between real and imaginary, between sensual and intellectual, between Baroque and Classical. The artist divides his time between, on the one hand, the great love for real, what he instinctively and that allows him to handle his subject as a sculptor in clay, as a peasant land; the other side is the passion of wandering in the fantastic, full of thoughts and desires, to indulge in the joys that provides the spectacle of things complacent in the activity creator voluntary.
The essence of the feminine spirit dominates the entire work of Oria Strobino. Self-taught artist, never ceases his artistic research, experimenting stylistically, browsing historically, emotionally daring. A serene and delicate state of things allows the artist to develop a language pretty and pleasant, which expands before our eyes into narratives of angelic creatures, immersed in colors that bloom and dazzled by bright lights. Oria search, find and transmits through their work an insistent peace of mind that differs completely from the complex relationships of contemporary intellectuals. The actuality of his painting is, however, aware of a naive and eternal beauty contained in the absolute simplicity. It 'an invitation to experience the beauty, a memento mori that abandons the macabre to embrace life.
Critical text Denitza Nedkova
Dr. Denitza Nedkova
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni

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Duration of the exhibition:
from April 11 to April 23, 2015
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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