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KARAM Cannarella SEBASTIAN - Sebastian Cannarella Karam, creator of FOUNDATION Cannarella, painter and sculptor, was born December 25, 1942 in Pachino, in the province of Syracuse, Sicily. Observing the artistic career of Cannarella, we can identify different periods in which the artist has been involved from certain influences and followed by special propensities towards themes and colors that from time to time have animated his countless works of art. In 1964 part from his hometown to move to Milan, where he began to take courses in painting at the Academy of Brera.
Leave Milan before going to Zurich, where he worked for a time at the scene and later to Paris where he remained until 1976. At that time, actively participates in the group "Cobra" and plays an intense artistic activity. In Paris Cannarella begins to broaden their artistic horizons and gradually approaches the production of artistic works dominated by a strong abstraction, contaminated by invading figures darting and contours more or less defined. Surrealism that is inspired by a style unmistakably staff, to the conquest of new forms in a vision that borders on the broader field of metaphysics and at the same time feeding a scheme in which rigorous, inserting images open enrichment of translation who watches them: anonymous faces, impregnated lifeblood immersed in rarefied atmospheres where enchanted finds form this new vision of the world in a connection, in a vision of reality and unreality, between imagination and reason through a lexicon figural under which the 'image retains the synergy of representation and self-regulate. The artist depicts a "cursed painting" dominated by the presence of dark shades of gray scale and reds, with furious strokes of black. Returning to Milan, the artist, although still young already includes in its "curriculum" artistic experiences different and each felt and lived intensely: a testimony of faith in painting as a means of expression of life and thought, kept one and content the other line and a balanced on a knife-saw and dreamed, the media and believed. In that period Cannarella is the protagonist of himself, is the object of his artistic interest and is, therefore, to measure her that his painting should be considered. A profound mediation on itself along a rational, which is inspired by a unique style staff, the meaning of which sinks into the deep interior of the artist, where he finds his form this worldview in an intermediary connection between imagination and reason through a lexicon pictorial. An example of his research and conception of space that can appear entirely new: a constant search to hypothetical horizons that push the artist beyond the conventional limits of the same paint surface to conquer the largest fields. At the end of the seventies, the artist returned to Italy and once again the city chosen to continue its growth path is Milan.
From 1979 to long years Cannarella closes in long and tormented silent but fruitful for his creativity. Passion, pain, memories, nostalgia dig a deep furrow in his heart. The universality of the love it feeds on new meanings. The tale of life emerges in its mystery. His pictorial language is thematic creating his own figural Western symbology. Cannarella is a painter-poet of the sensations as transforms reality into symbols, in feelings Insert a comma in metaphors, remove the comma and the metamorphosis iconological chromatic nuclei stylized. The forms in his paintings are represented with simplicity of expression. There is a ritual that surrounds the images. The brightness of colors presents tactile transparencies, musical vibrations. His painting is thus located within the international values, and its linguistic dimension undoubtedly has its place.

ORIANO ROSI - Friend of Ernesto, the Bolognese school of painting internationally, Oriano Rosi shares with him since the 70's love for painting that involves the soul, trying to bring out with serenity the passion, the love, the fire The fury ... hidden in the time that we live with colors and with swift strokes on a canvas. A passion born as a boy, when obvious externals, Rosi preferred to paint dreams, hopes, pains, trying to get into the depths of the soul. He has participated in several international competitions in painting, where he received important awards by juries for his art. Oriano Rosi is a self-taught, that he never did affect the pictorial trends of the moment, but that has always continued to paint with his very personal feel. The works of Rosi may, therefore, be placed in that line of abstract expressionism more modern and feature color strength to do vibrate human feelings more instinctive and deep.

GABRIELE MARCHESI - Gabriele Marchesi has always dedicated himself to painting. Born in the 50s in the lower bunting in Vidigulfo where, during the cycle of the elementary schools you notice his natural gift, so much so that the 'teacher to let him illustrate stories and poems of the course.
Now these little treasures were recovered and with an impartial eye but expert, you see how that little blond boy was gifted. While we can not continue his art studies, continues on its path of self-taught, he attended a course in the 80s of painting and drawing at the school of Castello di Milano and an evening drawing course in the study of Fabio Aguzzi, now known and effermato artist, to deepen the technical knowledge of this noble art. In the 70s begin participation in tenders and national competitions with flattering consents and the first solo and group exhibitions.
The figurative genre develops until you get to a hyperrealism poetic and engaging, helped also by the use of colored pencils on fine papers. In 2000 the turning point. Noting that in his opinion, "EVEN THE ADVERTISING 'AND' ART ', begins the study and analysis of advertising images that it finds in magazines, newspapers and internet elaborating graphite as academic, enriched with graphical solutions of high quality that give particularly elegant work. Thus began the series of works entitled "HARMONY AND BEAUTY, THE FIGURES OF DESIRE", where the female figure proposed, is always seen with respect, living it and finally indagandola to define the shape and substance. Recent challenges undertaken, thus enable a new youth to our artistic Gabriele Marchesi.


Dott. Giorgio Grasso
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Deborah Petroni

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from April 25 to May 6, 2015
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