Solo exhibition Gene Pompa, Angela Marchionni and Giancarlo Montuschi
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 06 June 2015
The Contemporary Art Gallery Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to invite you
Saturday, June 6, 2015
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GENE POMPA Introduce yourself, especially for a painter, it's very easy, just show their works and it is already well under way, but talk of their lives begins to be a bit 'more complicated.
My full name is Generoso Pompa but, as a child, I was called by the diminutive of "Gene" with which I sign my work today. They tell me that I was born on March 11, 1952 in Alexandria, where I lived a childhood beautiful and unique (at least for me).
In Egypt, he was born to Italian parents, they called me "the Italian", while in Italy, having been born abroad, they call me "the Egyptian", so do you. As mentioned, I had a happy childhood living in a family that loved art; my grandfather Generoso Pompa and my grandmother Angela Comi, were opera singers at the scale of Milan; my father Vittorio and my mother Anna Parisi embraced art, ranging from theater to music, from poetry to painting.
In 1962 my parents, for the future of our three children (the eldest son Alfredo that makes the singer-actor, Angela and I), made the plunge and decided to leave the paradise of Alexandria and then to move to Australia making a small stage in Italy, in Rome, where I live now for over forty years.
As a boy I started to paint as many copies the works of great masters of the past, especially the painter of "Vanished Rome", Ettore Roesler Franz, the Esedra Gallery in Rome I commissioned.
In the '70s, with the death of my father, I had a long break pictorial, after selling out of necessity, my work to which I was affectionate; I, therefore, removed from the world of art, to then come back in the '80s with renewed enthusiasm. Since the 90s, alternately works to works purely surreal landscapes made with my particular technique, in relief, using brush and spatula. I confess that from the earliest times that I exposed my new technique, immediately met a happy and surprised reception from the audience and, subsequently, from critics who encouraged me to continue the search and refine my technique which, with the time, led me also to obtain numerous awards and national and international recognition.
Since 1998 I opened my own studio-gallery in Rome, in via Bellinzona, 12 in Trieste district where receive friends and visitors who can see me at work.
ANGELA MARCHIONNI - directing, poetry, art editions. Active experimenter (87 is the minting of money to pay for the priceless: keyword moneo, urge - to engage, educate, announce, but also, for semantic contiguity, promise), founded with other Editions Beatrix VT small independent publishing house and abnormal. Autonomous because publishes books and produces no goods market in mind, because the abnormal collections of books are often unique copies, born from art projects or collective that organizes or to which it is invited. Among them: Coccinelle Peace Song of pink and angel, Book Fair, Turin, 2006; Teknè: jus vitae necisque, Bologna 2010; Indomitable in verba cast labile, Bologna 2009, Barcelona 2011; Art and biodivesità, Rome, 2011; Rewriting cities Toronto, 2011; Scarecrow copyright, TN Marter, 2012; Sartelibro, Bologna 2013; Tribute to John Cage, Artelibro, and Artefiera Events, 2013; Emergency art, Fabrika, S. Maria di Sala, Venice, 2013; Art education, Bologna 2014; Water color, Cervia in 2011, Bologna 2014.
Among the artist's latest series of books and videos: Singular Plural, Barcelona 2011; If water is life, and if you lie ... Cervia 2011; Pro / vocations Duino, Ferrara, Bologna, 2012; Evocations, manipulation, sharing, Bologna 2013; Landais, Venice 2014, RiartEco, Florence and Genoa 2014, Shoes Book, Bologna 2014, Freely pressed, Bologna 2014.
This work with its events in 2014: Landais, Venice; The correspondence of all, Mestre; RiartEco, Florence and Genoa; SetUp Art Fair; Bologna; Fuorisalone, Milan; Catalogues with artists in tow Fabriano; Effect Art Louvre Carrousel, Paris; Arte Padova, 2014; The Songs of Rina, MELENDUGNO (land of birth of Rina Durante), Archive VerbaManent, Lecce.
His writings in Julia Posthumous, Ed. Filema, 1999; Song of pink and angel, Beatrix VT 2006; Poete northeast, Ed. Ellerani 2011; Heart of prey; Chronicles of Rapa Nui; Keffyeh, Intelligences for Peace, Ed. CRF 2013/14. Lives and works in Loiano, Bologna.
GIANCARLO MONTUSCHI - Artist Faenza, long transplanted in southern Tuscany is the antipersonaggio for excellence. Painter, ceramist and sculptor of money, is expressed in a language naive, fairy-tale, and basically fantastic, with veins alchemic-esoteric. The fact that he was born (in 1952) in Faenza, land of excellence for ceramics, and that he "breathed" in the years of training, revitalizing the turmoil generated by the influence of Pop Art on young artists of that time, has It highlighted in Montuschi two complementary lines of expression and formally different. He participated in numerous exhibitions throughout the eighties: in Faenza, Florence, Arezzo, Verona, Bologna, Bergamo, Turin, Bassano, in Sweden and in Zagreb. In the following decade, he started working with the Kens'Art of Florence, then come the exhibitions "The Art of living" in New York and "Scarperentola" traveling in Milan, London and New York; and the staff at the museum of ceramics of Saint Emillion (Bordeaux). It also participates in several editions of the expo art of Bari, Padua and Montichiari, Artefiera of Bologna, all'EuropArt Geneva, the Spoleto Festival. Numerous solo exhibitions in Rome in the early 2000s, then in Perugia, Florence (Imaginary gallery), Prato, Milan, and intensify the presence at the fair: Vicenza Art Expo in Bari and Genoa, the international art fair in Innsbruck , West Lake Expo in China. He was invited to the 51st Venice Biennale, Pavilion Latin American Institute.

Dott. Giorgio Grasso
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni
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Duration of the exhibition:
from 06 June to 18 June 2015
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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