Show Artistic Sensations and third volume. Giorgio Mondadori presentation by Francesca Bogliolo
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 20 June 2015
Gallery Wikiarte
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Saturday, 20 June 2015 18:00

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third edition

"It is difficult to make a judgment about beauty; are not yet prepared. Beauty is an enigma. "F. M. Dostoevsky

The new edition of newfound Artistic Sensations demonstrates, once again, the importance of the exhibition project gallery Wikiarte, pursuing with tenacity, stubbornness and feeling, the desire to show how the Italian art world can be varied, cultured and expressive. The need for communication is the basis of every artistic experience is welcomed and appreciated by the gallery, so that everyone can feel at home without sacrificing their individuality significant. In his famous novel, Dostoevsky poses the question of what beauty and wonders whether and in what form it can save the world. If the whole environment of the art, in all its passionate personality, from artists to art dealers, collectors critics, enthusiasts detractors constructive, you would put this question, should perhaps be answered that beauty is not limited to the aesthetic but takes into account what communicates. So will the ranks of its features content conveyed, filtered by their respective authors and personalities of users of the work. We must therefore ask ourselves whether, for beauty, you intend ideation, will, emergency communication, commitment, hard work, passion, technique, sensitivity, perception of reality, and many other things. Each of us could change the order of the addends, but on one point we would perhaps agree: beauty can and should be considered as it is able to elevate us and the world around us. Contemporary art, like that proposed by the selected gallery Wikiarte, is sincere mirror of a time not without difficulties, however, in which you can still find resources through confrontation and contamination of languages. In respect of the individual expressive vocabulary of the artists, the gallery Wikiarte realizes a project that makes the protagonist understand the real value of beauty and function, through opportunities for dialogue and contamination between the arts. Certainly, it is and will always remain an enigma complex that will not cease to fascinate you with its charm. Yet there will be that answer the question of Dostoevsky with a bewildering firmness. If there will be again asked, reply that yes, we are certain: the Beauty will save the world, or at least that part of it which we are proud to belong.

Dr. Francesca Bogliolo


Sauro Benassi, Antonia Pia Bianchimani, Mario Esposito, FeoFeo, Lucia Fiaschi,
Ruth Helena Fischer, radiating Rubens, Enzo Forgione, Gian Luca Galavotti, Francesca Guariso, Filippo Guicciardi, Angela Iannone, Livio Lovisione,
Stefano Manzotti, Erika Marks, Mauro Martin, Riccardo Melotti, Modan, Luisa Modoni, Ronak Moshiri, Ludmilla Radchenko, Mark Randazzo, Aldo Righetti, Marzia Roversi, Maryna Sakalouskaya, Susanne Seilkopf, Ezio Tambini, Roberto Tomba, Luca Trident, Ignazio Emilio Ximenes

Artistic Sensations (third volume)
Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori
€ .20.00 available in Gallery

Introduction exhibition by:
Francesca Bogliolo (Art Critic)

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Molto interessante questa mostra

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