Solo exhibition by Rubens Fogacci, Alessio  Serpetti and Barbara Legnazzi presents Dr. Giorgio Grasso
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 05 September 2015
The Contemporary Art Gallery Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
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Saturday, September 5, 2015
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RUBENS FOGACCI - A lucky art critic is to find great talent in their way. But luck, as Machiavelli said, it is useless if you do not have the virtue of knowing how to take advantage. Hence my commitment to the widest possible dissemination of works of the young but already well-known artist radiating Rubens, whose pictorial language can affect the public's attention of art lovers for several years.
In his paintings we find the magic that has always accompanied the works of great artists that lead the viewer to look beyond what the eye sees, making him share the story of the work.
If I had to describe the characters of Rubens with metaphors, I dissect in two figure to analyze first the body and then the face. I would compare the bodies of its men and its women to a work of architecture that would lose its functionality, the instrument of science, to become a fantastic architecture, tool of metaphysics, which would allow access to the world's deepest, unconscious , making it a solemn violation of a ban, one that requires not fantasize and to follow the principle of reality. I refer back to the genius of Gaudi, with its sinuous shapes that lead back to the dream, the fantastic, the magical, childishly, letting go to the forms of the unconscious, of dreams, the restless and subtle ambiguity of the worlds sublimated, for result in a magical realism, where each individual finds himself fantasizing what is more congenial to him, thus encroaching into the depths of his psyche, of his ego and even putting in doubt what until then believed to be reliable and absolute. And if we talk about architecture living in the bodies of the artist, the connection anthroposophy Staineriana naturally, and we find sensuality and sinuous curved line, that natural sense of welcome that removes the barrier that separates the observer from the characters of Rubens, who become figures already known and familiar. Now to face: I am a natural lure cursed artist par excellence, Modi, for that important nose, using expressionist color, sinuous line, the brushstroke which necessarily constructive to him, uniting their painting introspective artist who refers to the unconscious, to the human condition, to the difficulties of existence. With his painting Rubens follows at once two results, the aesthetic, for the pleasure of the stroke and color, and the philosophical, that the "Venus" by Botticelli forward featured artists who wanted a conceptual representation of the human figure .

BARBARA Legnazzi - was born in Novara March 28, 1963, where he lives and works. Her interest in music was dedicated, quite recently, to deepen another great love: painting. Given the satisfactory results achieved, he decided to devote himself intensively to experimentation in contemporary painting material. This research resulted, from the start, a number of works that have attracted considerable interest and this has encouraged them to publicly display the best results, thus giving a professional turn to his passion. In 2014 he exhibited in various exhibitions like "LES CONTEMPORAINS: UNION, UNION OF ART" at Amart Gallery BRUSSELS and "PATHS OF THOUGHTS. BEAUTY AND TESTING THE '900 TO TODAY - FROM A GUTTUSO BOETTI" at the Italian Institute
 culture in VIENNA.

ALESSIO SERPETTI (Rome, 1975) attends early age Courses Fine Arts directed by Carlo Marcantonio Prenestina first at the Accademia del Cimento, then at the School of Art "Casa Romana". After the artistic maturity follows the Academic Diploma of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (vote of 110 cum laude) and then enable the teaching of Art Education and Design and Art History. In 2010 lives a significant experience in the ranks of the Movement for the archaic exposing with the Personal presented by noted art critic Paolo Levi; in 2012 he joined the prestigious Academy of Saints Lazarus, Ignatius Loyola and Francis Borgia directed by well-known critic, art historian and philosopher Daniel Radini- Germans; in 2013 he exhibited in events organized or manned by renowned art critic and historian Vittorio Sgarbi. For several years he participated in important international events - including the Chianciano Biennale (2011), Rome (2012), Palermo (2013), London (2013), Barcelona (2015); the Triennale of Rome (2011); the Artexpo New York (2013); Spoleto Art meets Venice (2014) - and exhibits at museums and institutions, Villas, historical buildings and galleries in Italy and abroad.
Him, the journalist Elena Gollini writes: "Alessio Serpetti performs the works with impeccable technique, worthy of a painter of ancient tradition, with meticulous refinement and wealthy in the stretch, with scrupulous attention of those who want to represent glossy accuracy and precision also narrative detail and emphasis on formal spectacular visionary images. In medieval and Renaissance paintings rediscovers iconography, archetypal symbols and myths forgotten, in a representation that looks like the virtual reproduction of a long night, a sinking in a submerged and underground, where they survive the creatures and gods, and populating animate our sphere dreamlike and fantastic. "

Dott. Giorgio Grasso
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni
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Duration of the exhibition:
from 5-17 September 2015
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
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