Solo exhibition of F.Guariso, Loiacono L. and A. Zanchi presentation by Giorgio Grasso
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 03 October 2015
The Contemporary Art Gallery Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to invite you
Saturday, October 3, 2015
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FRANCESCA Guariso - A delicate, sinuous thin line traces the visionary world of Francesca Guariso. A line drawn with pencil, chalk, brush or piece mosaic, becoming the leitmotif of an artistic creation that focuses on being female. The passive role of the latter as an object representation and source of inspiration is not replaced by the active artist, but maintains its dual nature as a muse and inspiration to the world that explains the vision he has of. The depicted becomes depicting. After centuries of emancipation applicant's character strong woman creator of an art explicit and disenchanted, Artemisia Gentileschi Louise Bourgeois, the woman-painter finally surrenders his soul poetically exuberant. The work of Guariso and rich in soft shapes and curves, soft colors and dreamlike, of delicate textures and transparent glimpse a really calm and quiet, full of delicate and ambiguous moments between resignation and impotence. It seems clear confession of intimacy of the artist, who is not afraid to "get naked" in front of their home crowd, just as the model does not feel shame in front of the painter. The trust Guariso demonstrates to us shows the desire of the creative to imagine another world where she will always be herself.
Dr. Denitza Nedkova

LORETTA LOIACONO - ... I used pencils from 1997 to 2002, I have done several exhibitions, then by a series of coincidences that led me to think it was better to stop and think I spent a long time in which I practiced reiki, meditation and I wrote poems.
It 'been a painful period of meditation, analysis and assessments: even if I produced was almost like working spiritually and in these seven years I have definitely established the cornerstones of my creative intent by studying the right conceptual approach and technique to resume with renewed enthusiasm . These cornerstones are: constant search for harmony understood both as aesthetic effect is as a message of thought and positive energy; use of light and color as a manifestation of the divine universal; new creative approach that is no longer study and mental image but prior to full opening "fate creative" (as when in the early stages of meditation the mind and heart are opened bringing about parallel realities and you realize that everything around us is an illusion of meaning, that what counts is "now"). I want that to be the case and the time to determine the evolution of my work through the collage technique and all this mean to do it using only fragments of images from magazines, catalogs, books, brochures, advertising art thus giving rise to additional works more or less famous contemporenee and not in a kind of miscellaneous unscheduled artistic energy of every time and place. The themes of the work will in turn be random, decided the instant the fate creative will put my focus on the image that will appear randomly opening the magazine selection in turn randomly and development will be consequential to the perceptions received in subsequent moments of research. I am about four months I produce well and the results are amazing because I am surprised every time: the fate creative every time makes me tell situations, stories, feelings, new thoughts that come to life in my work as if they were dictated by ethereal entities! ... Within the collages I opened and closed the cycle of "EVENING" so called because it came out in a period of great physical suffering before the September 2009 period when some nights I was so bad that, not finding relief in nothing , I created feverishly as if produce served to not feel the pain. I opened and closed the series of "L" that come in when I feel particularly the need to create harmony and I dedicate myself just looking the same. Some work out instead almost as if by magic in order to bring in some haiku written by me and that became the title of these collages (I love the Japanese haiku and I like to compose using the rule that I gave myself to use words instead of 5-7-5 5-7-5 syllables). From now part of the series "Now dd-mm-yy (all the while and nothing happens) that, just as proper title to my original intention, it will be from now on the title of my work where the predominant variable will only On the day that the same will be released subject to certain moments where randomness will take the engagement to haiku or issues can not be classified among the "Now". It remains for me the desire to produce only when the creative moment comes bully and the true will act only as a pilot by the harmony of the whole. Taken by the thought of the artist

ANDREA ZANCHI - Artist (Turin, 1961) Painter, sculptor and restorer. He attended the First Art School Academy Albertina attended courses Waldorf Oriago (VE) the "color theory" of Gothe Certificates of merit Restoration at the Fine Arts in Turin (Piedmont) and the Faculty of Architecture of Turin Exhibitions and paintings, Initial study academic subjects and experimentation with mixed media, introspection and metamorphoses, stands the thick chisel work of the Italian artist, and the various stages of evolution, artistic or cultural movement. First Prize Artistic Torino.Lingotto "Restructura 2007."
It 'was presented at the Venice Biennale in 2011 in Turin Opera theme "Italian" of The Book of Contemporary Art Vittorio Sgarbi. Winner of the Gala de l'Art Montecarlo 2014
He has exhibited at the event Art in Italy in 2014 where he received an award by the Embassy
Italian in Monte Carlo Monaco. The works of the painter come together in the poetry of matter and the material effects. The painting material, is the ability to create a work of art with determined and decisive manual, which gives the Opera unpredictability and the result exceeds the imagination
Gestures on matter and energy come together in a proper emotional balance, abstract, derived naturalist
The work material, is a research topic on the individual today, a prospect anthroposophic human being of our times seen in its essence minimalist, geometric.
True Work of Art was founded by the artist, in a mysterious, enigmatic, mystical. Lori B Art
Dott. Giorgio Grasso
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni

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Duration of the exhibition:
from 3-15 October 2015
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entrance
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