Solo exhibition of Vincent Maillard, Antonio Lucarelli Clara Brunelli presents Giorgio Grasso
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 31 October 2015
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in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
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Saturday, October 31, 2015
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VINCENT MAILLARD - I can not remember the text that he composed for Emanuele Luzzati
His exhibition of illustration to Stall Award of Pontremoli in 1985 entitled I confess I
and have fun in a different way, but with the same meaning as the phrase that Flavio Costantini loved repeating "... the important thing is to never lose the sense of the game." Two artist friends, like many
others, the art of Vincent who have loved his world, the spirit of levity in the sculptures transfused
terracotta. Theaters visionary tales, real pages of "philosophy of life", works, each with its own energy, evocative of simplicity in the full sense of the meaning. An invitation amused smile. If I think of the little man Vincent imagine him great next to me, almost jostling, to suggest not to take things too seriously, even in the sometimes a little 'difficult.
I like to remember, to those who read these lines disorderly, that the idea of ​​the exhibition is the result of a
path, born of friendship with Vincent to the Alley of Genoa, from exhibitions lived together in Conzano, Apricale with plays of Fiorato, Pontremoli, the Berio Library, the many workshops held at the Institute for the Blind David Chiossone, which always aroused wonder at the ability to work with the group, creating a special relationship with each child: everyone could shape personal works, those of Sonia, Laura, George, Barbara and many others. I also want to tell the enthusiasm for the works of Maillard to a friend, special for me, Bean Luzzati, which in addition to infuse courage in working with Luzzati and Costantini, often expressed the wish that they would do an exhibition and an important catalog of Vincent. It was not uncommon to get a call and meet a little later in my studio to choose a clay for people who pay homage. I think, and I happen, that whoever encounters the sculptures of the Maillard imprinted in your mental library of important images. Those lucky enough to own
a, it draws, whenever the look, certainly a better spirit. Each sculpture is a
literature page of a book significant, that of existence. Thanks Vincent for your art,
silent but highly valuable. From the text of Sergio Noberini

ANTONIO LUCARELLI - I was born at the Pietrasanta 19.10.1987, and I remember I started drawing with my grandfather every day after school. It was my first teacher. Followed by the middle school and the first studies of art history. And then I'd say that they continued, in-depth study, attend any academy or whatever. But no. The truth is that after the short period known, I interrupted my whole artistic vocation gave me scientific studies. Why? Why I decided that I would do another life, perhaps less precarious and uncertain, maybe your doctor. But during those afternoons spent with my grandfather I loved to draw, something lit up in me, and that flame unknowingly continued to fuel the artistic vocation. This fire sought chinks in poetry, went into the writing of prose, infiltrated the drama. But then at the end he again faced a canvas. It was a June evening four years ago. My bike was violently impacted by an unconscious and death was near. It was close life. From that moment the new push, the attraction and strength. I had to paint again. And here I am. At the beginning of a path along hope. My resume is life. text by Antonio Lucarelli

CLARA BRUNELLI - Clara Brunelli born in Visano (BS) but has lived most of his life in Calvisano (BS), for years lies in Garda (VR). Former professional photographer, self-taught painter, travels a lot and loves especially the Sahara Desert, where her husband Fabrizio ventured often looking for meteorites. In his works, Clara puts real meteorite fragments found by her and her husband in Libya in November 1999 on a plateau known as Hamada al Hamra. The total weight of this meteorite which broke up with the impact on the ground is 30.077,4gr. Analyzed at the University of Siena and included in "The Meteoritical Society" classified H5 / 6 and called HAH 296, is an ordinary chondrite type meteorite, approximate age over 4.5 billion years fall to Earth a few hundred ago. The works are born in late 2010 with a theme entitled "from infinity to the Earth, JOURNEY OF A METEORITE" through his paintings made with oil paint and embellished with meteorite fragments, she tells us about the journey of this rock cosmic through nebulae, galaxies, planets and constellations, it came to the desert where he found it. In every painting there is nothing accidental, the landscapes, the colors and the atmosphere are things experienced personally and reported on canvas based on emotions and memories, like the Sahara, like the Meteorites and consequently fell in love with the place they come from. He deepens its knowledge about the cosmos and it is based on a roadmap for its staff moving away from the scientific giving a precise definition to his painting "cosmicism". "Cosmicism" - For "cosmicism" means a pictorial language and / or trend of thought where the element astronomical and cosmological still understood as a representation of curvature of large, space-time, the galaxies, the orbits of the cosmic presence meteorites, etc., is predominant. This expression and description of physical reality through the colors and lines, the man is portrayed, is present, but he exists only the spirit, the emotion that he's trying to look at the starry sky or collect a meteorite, that is a stone messenger space fossil and deep, not only as a universal dimension as well as intimate base ourselves, men of the Earth. Life on Earth is born perhaps due to a meteorite and still what we are made of and where meteorites are composed, it is what the universe, through the stars, always produced.

Dott. Giorgio Grasso
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni

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Duration of the exhibition:
from October 31 to November 12, 2015
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
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