Personal exhibition of Marco Fajer, Ksenia Yarosh, Valeria Disanto presents Prof. Giorgio Grasso
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 07 May 2016
The Gallery of Contemporary Art Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to invite you
Saturday, May 7, 2016
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MARCO Fajer - Marco Fajer was born in Senigallia (AN) April 16, 1977, but since the early years of his life living and growing in Bologna. It has a background Classical and graduated in Law, after which he moved to work first in Florence and then in Ferrara. From an early age the art has always accompanied achieving awards in several competitions and then inspire and take the decision to share with others his passion. The artist is self-taught over the years improves and refines the technique gradually, also developing a philosophy of life that is reflected in the works. The fluid of life is collected and defined by the masks we bear daily on the face, that limit us, but help us to express our emotions and our moods. Art as medicine of the soul is that which exists but that infuses there, that only you can hear, everyday objects then become symbols, talismans, allegories laden with meanings beyond matter, see beyond the things , raise and lift our eyes to what is most pure and intense it is, go to the maximum possible allowed.

KSENIA Yarosh - Born in Moscow in 1987 by painter mother, grew up in an artistic environment. Despite his attraction to the art world, he chose to study law. After graduation, he worked at the Moscow court. But the passion for art is stronger and eventually decides to change his life and devote all his time to painting. In 2013 he moved to Bologna to deepen his knowledge of art history, he chooses to develop a professional training through the study of the visual arts at the University of Bologna, where he graduated from DAMS.
It draws inspiration from everyday objects to create his works, which through 'processing of the subconscious take their symbolic value. His creative process is based on dreamlike transformation of the relationship between meaning and significance. Every picture is a dream put on canvas only to be deciphered, or simply to leave the aftertaste of emotions as the one we happen to experience after waking.

VALERIA DiSanto - Valeria Disanto is a digital artist class 76 from Puglia. It is dipolmata the school of photography and visual arts of Padua (isfav). Born as a photographer, she tries new mixed media, including photos and graphic arts, which represent its particular stylistic. An art that is not the falsification of reality but a new extension. Pictures of landscapes sublimated in intense colors and transformed into sympathetic contemplation atmospheres. Even tales of works inspired by the road that connects written scene, murals and through the form and colors are expressions of an ancient art that graffiti, today more and more present in the cultural landscape.

Dott. Giorgio Grasso

Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni

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Show Length:
7 to 19 May 2016
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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