Personal exhibition of Marco Randazzo, Roberto Re, Giovanni Trimani presents Francesca Bogliolo
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 04 June 2016
The Gallery of Contemporary Art Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
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Saturday, June 4, 2016
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Marco Randazzo was born in Syracuse on Nov. 17, 1983. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania in 2007 and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 2010, in Milan, where he currently lives. He collaborates with numerous national and international art galleries, magazines and artists from different artistic trends. His way of painting in the years turns, while maintaining a certain consistency in some important details, the color for example. Hence perhaps the temperament of Mark and its origins, by the warmth and tranquility that characterize a land like Sicily. In parallel, sure strokes, circles that overlap each other and which do not have a beginning and an end, are perhaps the result of the artist's life in Milan, where everything is in constant motion, a nervous traits. The work on canvas Tell me goodbye perfectly expresses the discomfort of a human being catapulted into an endless flow of reality, where nothing is given and everything changes every second. I have everything in the head but I can not say it is the refrain that forms the backdrop to many of his paintings, to express what Mark tries and fails, or perhaps unwilling, to say in other ways. In the second painting on canvas, The alleged sanctity of Irene once again dominates the color that reveals what goes on in his head and that explained otherwise, would not have the same effect. And the circles, a symbol of perfection, of what did not rupture and caesura, and the scattered letters, always to emphasize the difficulty of achieving clarity in thoughts and actions. The Frame series expresses a real sense of lack of communication through the use of technology: a series of films open with a wrong program that, therefore, does not allow a correct display of the frame, but only of a series of pixels, then mixed with texts, burns the paper, rims and colors. The clipboard series includes misprints taken from his postgraduate thesis, reworked with painting and the refrain "I have everything in the head but I can not say." warm colors, passion, chaos and even the basic coherence that makes Mark an established artist. Paradoxically, the best way to express an idea is abstract it further, then turn it into colors, circles, text, burns and all you can connect it to reality but not to contaminate it.

Robert King of Parma origin (Casaltone) is expressed in explosive colors inwardness that permeate the canvas and here materialize and materialize into a subjective dimension that can be easily read and interpreted in an objective perspective. The colors from strong magnetic and shades, are transformed into words on his canvases, and are driven by an intense and frantic urge to narrate and tell all the different nuances that pervade his soul. intense and bright colors that know how to be more effective than the same words in going to reveal and show the most intimate emotions and feelings that drive the artist to manifest itself through colorful monologues capable of turning into compelling dialogues, thanks to their powerful use of color.
Strong color combinations create precise and marked effects with no intention default to give the works an explicit definability.
The Roberto Re paintings almost come out of their frames while you are admiring them and it looks like you want to take by the hand and lead you want to delve into its vast and colorful world, where everything is possible, without any obligations to limit or border. So you can freely enter the King Roberto mind when he created his works, entering into a timeless dimension where the only engaging and compelling certainty is represented by the power of color.
The abstract is in fact the artistic theme preferred by Roberto Re which can be both abstract material, both abstract and geometric abstract is informal and even in different sizes, it remains intact the intent to explore beyond any constraint and imaginative interpretation. In the abstract material Roberto Re intends to create from nothing, shaping the materials and combining them in such a harmonious way as the indefinable.
In the abstract geometrical instead the artist intends to embark on a new path built on a collage of several boards together capable, so united and consequential damages, to unveil its introspective and emotional journey. Finally informally in the abstract, the artist expresses its creative freedom and interpretive.
Its participation in several group shows significant importance are further confirmation of his artistic validity.

Art as Soul. At this imperative meets the poetic art developed by John Trimani, omnivorous artist moments and beauty. A vibrant coloristic facility enhances a choice of style characterized by an original visual language, showing cultured references reinterpreted in the light of an alphabet with sharp outlines and defined. References to pop art are mixed with primitive and classical references echoes, in an exotic mixture that guides the observer to discover hidden interiority of the artist and his staff continent. The immediacy of communication, filtered by the formal experimentation, opens the door to the understanding of an artistic world that seems to be generated by what Rimbaud called "the derailment of the senses", an attitude that predisposes to the visionary and driving to the understanding of meanings. Trimani not escape from reality: simply makes a relentless search for himself through the performance of their artistic practice, to allow the viewer to do the same while contemplating his works. The common thread stretched between the works is the joie de vivre, in a Dionysian approach through the outer beauty wants to emphasize the inner wealth, according to a concept that has its roots in Greek, taken at different times by artists Renaissance and modern. If the constant approach to the subject hides the interest for life, impression of the sign on the canvas is contained the will to fix indelibly unique emotion, while the tonal choice rekindles the enthusiasm for what the eye is likely to neglecting because of habit. A happy curiosity transpires from the works of Trimani, drunk with experiences and avid meanings: it is the same skill that for Baudelaire was the "genius of the starting point," which allows you to preserve the harmony between what is expressed and what It hides, to recognize the richness of the present moment, to penetrate the mystery of life. The artist's gaze slips between the ambiguities of modernity for restituircene with sincere look contradictions and possibilities, perpetrating an incessant search that allows to recognize an unexpected beauty, hidden in the folds of everyday life.

Dott. Ssa Francesca Bogliolo
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni
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Show Length:
4 to 16 June 2016
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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