Dusty shows Eye - Collage of doubt taste with good intentions. It presents Roberto Pagnani 18.00
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 26 May 2016
The independent space
Wikiarte LAB
in via San Felice 18 / a
It invites you to the exhibition
created and designed by

the project:
Matteo Strukul writer defined the DustyEye like "Pirates of pop culture": they do not have a social flag, do not have a political color, have a definite goal. The only aim is to navigate the sea of ​​art, moving from port to port. The first years were dedicated to photography from the horror splatter colors, then the tacky collage and recently two installations The handle of the Total Perspective and A Month of Kindness.
One might ask whether there is at least an ultimate goal, apparently not. The common thread is the ironic / provocative approach to art, but without forgetting your manners.
On May 26 at the Wikiarte LAB gallery in Bologna will be a selection of collage made between 2013 and 2014. singular experience for DustyEye which since its origin have played in the underground, or as they prefer to call themselves nell'educatamente underground .

who I am:
The DustyEye born as an artistic collective in the emotional turbulence of the early '10s.
Look for common interests of the members, or because the reflex began to cost less, they decided to express themselves through photography.
By confining themselves to works of horror and splatter genre, they enjoyed a discreet approval from the gothic lolita and metalheads now balding. A work of those early days, "Alice in Wasteland", is included in the book The Dark Rooms, written by Enzo Biffi Gentili on the occasion of the homonymous exhibition in Cuneo in the Monumental Complex of St. Francis in 2014.
For three years, they had the honor of being the official photographers of the Paduan SugarPulp Festival (literary festival dedicated to fiction and Pulp Noir). Here photographed writers of the caliber of Lansdale, Willocks, Gischler and Strukul. Some of their fourth still peeps one DustyEye snap cover.
Let's also a collaboration with Master Giorgio Finamore, artist devoted to biomechanics. In 40 tables entitled "Arcane Shadows", blending photography and digital painting, DustyEye with Finamore retraced many myths of classical Greece.
In 2013, the epiphany, the photograph was everywhere. The middle companions a bit 'ugly were discovered alternative model. The derelict industrial sites as a destination for mass pilgrimages of young photographers, loads of equipment, curved on their Golgotha ​​for the perfect tattoo search. Then the selfie. The selfie and Death.
It was time for DustyEye groped for the collage. The photograph was downgraded to simple virgin raw materials to be cut out and mix in a 42 round tables. No thread, but for an unknown reason the same DustyEye often stood pigs and parrots like a totemic animals.
We are now in 2015. It therefore seems more appropriate to move from the distant past to the recent past and, to increase the wonder, even the first person plural. In April, unpretentious, we installed improperly (but with respect for Nature) a "handle the Total Perspective" in Rome, in the heart of Villa Borghese. The success has led us in the months to install more in various Italian locations. To date we pride ourselves to a MAU Museum in Turin, one in the Winter Line Museum Livergnano and a dozen others scattered throughout the peninsula.
2016 is the turn of the controversial installation "A Month of Kindness - Subversive invitation to Foresight", which in a few days after its launch has exceeded the culinary sites in quick Google search. Surprising.
In all these years we have led and participated in more than forty exhibitions without any economic return, rejecting any profit. Although you will sound unpleasant, let us say: Mix Art and Money is regrettable and vulgar.

website | www.DustyEyeArt.com
Facebook | DustyEye Art

Final presentation at 18:00
by Roberto Pagnani

from 11:00 to 19:00 hours continued
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