Show Artistic Sensations and fourth volume. Giorgio Mondadori presentation by Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 18 June 2016
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Saturday, 18 June 2016 18:00
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fourth edition

Reaching the fourth event of the project and Artistic Sensations, registered the success of the second, it highlights not only the certainty of its validity but, above all, its historical and cultural value. Feel
All that fascinates us in the inanimate world, forests, plains, rivers, mountains, seas, valleys, steppes, more, more, cities, palaces, the stones, the more, the sky , sunsets, storms, more, snow, more, the night, the stars, the wind, all these things, in itself empty and indifferent, are charged with human significance, because without that we suspect, contain a premonition of love. (Dino Buzzati)
Here it is all, enthusiasm, to anger, loneliness, joy, sorrow, life, death, everything contains the human heart and places it before or after, together or separately to the first feeling: l ' love. My reflection that will accompany the fourth edition of Artistic Sensations, the selection of artistic sensibility, considers love universal feeling. Every gesture, thought or creative act is to love, love, with love, against love. L 'greatest affection trivially is the pivot of human inventiveness. By its very existence, in the presence or absence, the spirit moves, pushes him to act, to express, to externalize.
Artistic Sensations is the multitude of voices, words, strokes that tell the infinite and always different human existence tale. The contemporary artist does not care more than social conventions, historical and ethical behavior teachings. His instinct, the typical behavior of the animal free, undermines any fee, which is aesthetic, religious or political, purging the only true nature of man. The latter is, in fact, the basic element in the contemporary artistic work. Creative, limited by anything, it turns again to the copious world of sensations. These are intended as stimuli, involuntary perceptions acknowledged by the outside world through the senses: sight, smell, taste, touch. So the darkened today and always intent on urging the viewer at all levels of its physicality here that the work of art becomes environment, gesture, smell ... .. it encourages us not only s see, but touch , enter, sniff. In this sense we can say that art nowadays can be met or found anywhere. This is not because our world and creatively superior, but because the man has finally learned to "consume" art with all his senses. The feeling becomes, therefore, the main tool to approach an art that can be relieved to exist objectively, because its real purpose and cause an artistic feel.
I believe that this position, certainly not mine alone, could present, even if partially, the right approach to the infinite and not always codified artistic experiences that are born every day in our world, never sated d news. After all, the feeling that the encounter with a work of art can never be wrong .... Denitza Nedkova


Sauro Benassi, Marina Berra, Esther Cimmarrusti, Mario Esposito, Mauro Fastelli, FeoFeo, Lucia Fiaschi, Gian Luca Galavotti, Francesca Guariso, Filippo Guicciardi, Angela Iannone, Loret¬ta Loiacono, Stefano Manzotti, Angela Marchionni, Mauro Martin,
Silvana Mascioli, Luisa Modoni, Ronak Moshiri, Gene Pompa, Marco Randazzo, Roberto Re,
Franco Rota Candiani, Marzia Roversi, Susanne Seilkopf, Raf Spalvieri, Ezio Tambini,
Roberto Tomba, Lorena Totolo, Luca Tridente, Giovanni Trimani

Artistic Sensations (fourth volume)
Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori
€ 20,00 available in Gallery

Introduction exhibition curated by:
Denitza Nedkova (Art Critic)

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shows duration
18-30 June 2016

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