Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 17 September 2016
The Gallery of Contemporary Art Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to invite you
Saturday, September 17, 2016
All 'inauguration of the solo exhibitions of:
ENZO CRISPINO - Born in Frattamaggiore (Napoli) in 1964 but carries out his artistic activities in the province of Reggio Emilia in the municipality of Castelnovo ne 'Monti. The photograph for the artist is a real passion and an essential part. Self-taught, his artistic training was developed through online forums and specialized magazines. He has participated in several competitions and artistic manifestizioni national and international level, finding huge success, lately has also been presented at the international exhibition NOWART presented by the critic Vittorio Sgarbi.
ROBERTO TOMB - Mirages, fairy tales, tales full of inexhaustible inspiration, the paintings by Roberto Tomba are projections of an inner visionary showing the world as it can be seen and perceived by the pure souls, opening at the same time windows of infinite possibilities. Intimate and melancholic, the artist does not adhere to the sensory form of the real, but investigates the aspects related to the dream, which so fascinate us during the day through their reverberations.
CHRISTIAN LICCIARDELLO - Born in Bologna in January 1976 by Greek and Sicilian father mother. The father of the artist conveys a love of music, drawing and photography. As a child at the age of six years playing the piano and decorate school notebooks with sketches and drawings. Adolescent goes from drawing to painting and after school diploma decides to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Decoration section. As soon he discovers the three-dimensionality of the forms began her training in sculpture. He works the clay, gypsum, resins and then decorate and paint his works. The artistic semantics will be implemented primarily in two areas: on the one hand the universe of the female body, the other the creation of zoomorphic forms, so-called "shell" that distinguish its peculiarities. Through the human body expresses emotions, ideals, concepts, tensions, it retained strength or obvious. Through the shells trying to produce a different reaction, deeper. Stirring aerodynamic shapes inspired by the hulls of boats or planes to a texture zoomorphic, it aims to arouse in the viewer a sense of pleasure and curiosity exclusively in sensory, without giving the possibility of a clear reading of the object. The animal part moves ancestral memories while the pure form, hidden under scales and bony plates, reports our unconscious toward futuristic shapes, forming as a whole a timeless combination.
critical presentation by:
Denitza Nedkova
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni
Sponsored and promoted by:
Show Length:
17 to 29 September 2016
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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