Show Silvana Mascioli staff, Esther Cimmarrusti and Marzia Roversi
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 01 October 2016
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in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

All 'inauguration of the solo exhibitions of:
SILVANA Mascioli
ESTHER Cimmarrusti

The parallel existence of matter
The life of Marzia Roversi, the ideal and the actual, see the intent to build, as an architect, forms, to deduce it from matter. The exercise of drawing has always been an analysis and study of reality, a cognitive process where the hands translate the structures that the mind returns to us as truth. The valance painter follows a path of the human world reconnaissance, indelibly built between idea and phenomenon, giving objective structure to what the body perceives. Taken delicate and precise of Renaissance origin, the economical use of the minimalist style color and deep chiaroscuro modulation, enviable for any mannerist, give the work Roversi a lyrical tone and intent of a monologue to himself. By addressing each character roversiano we are forced to silence, of attentive listening to a confession in a low voice of intimate memories exquisitely decorated with innocent fantasies. Finally, the feminine nature of each fresco or graphite created by Roversi falls fruition in a dreamy, languid atmosphere that forces the overlap between reality and dream.
The matter also dominates the work of the artist Esther Venezuelan Cimmarrusti. We are witnessing spontaneous and unpredictable pictorial actions. Tachisme undoubted inspiration, the art of Cimmarrusti is committed to vocalize the sounds of the world considered inanimate. Changed the condition of materials like jute, placing them in a creative context, the artist proceeds to their transformation by making them absorb their mood: sometimes attacks with burns and cuts, sometimes already strokes with bright colors and stitching. But any artistic action can not erase the brutal objectivity of matter, the existence emblem of nature itself (also human), and its inevitable insecurity. But it is not an offense to objective, but rather an opportunity in making button, alive, present. In the act of observing, we absorb it empathically and we implement the gradual freeing of representation from conventional references. The dialectical relationship between sign and material have as a final act noisy artistic objects, which synaesthetically make it echo in us inanimate voice.
The deformation that sound vibration imposes on the subject is captured by the work of art Silvana Mascioli. Affected by the analytical kinetic results and in particular of its paid Op, creative explores the perceptual instability through color grids and lines that converge in visually complex buildings. The optical aesthetic look figuration movement (dynamic or sound) and allows Mascioli not only an infinity of space exploration but most of the time elastic, stretched from perceptual difficulties. The representation saturated optically compels us to stop, to take full advantage of the capabilities of the human visual system in order to benefit the complaint. It is a scientific art to do, because our knowledge of the world has only sensory channel. It is the visual stimulus Gestalt psychology or emotional state in New Look, the artistic object becomes a configuration or decoding of the same dynamic of our sensory apparatus, showing how even brain function remains hidden artist. Today more than ever the direct appeal to the senses is incessant and its effectiveness is a growing mixture of immediate charm and nostalgia.
Research on the subject in the arts is a long-term phenomenon which nowadays becomes the key to understand the empirical relationship between art and the brain. The aesthetic experience is cognitive and intellectual and artistic as it is the only unambiguous cipher to understand the mental mechanisms that are behind the creative process.
Denitza Nedkova

critical presentation by:
Denitza Nedkova
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni
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Show Length:
1 to 13 October 2016
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
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