Retrospective exhibition of Paola De Laurentiis has Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 15 October 2016
The Gallery of Contemporary Art Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
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Saturday, October 15, 2016
All 'opening of the retrospective exhibition of:

Paola De Laurentiis

The "inner cosmography" Paola De Laurentiis
Marilena Pasquali
"Turn your eye inside and see
thousands of regions, in your heart
still virgins. Viaggiale all, and expert events
in inner cosmography "
Henry D. Thoreau, Walden. Life in the woods (1854)
The first feeling you get in front of the works of Paola is that of a contracted power, and of a cascade of energy - controlled with difficulty, but still controlled - and from inside pours outside and gives shape to the figures of mind that become fellow travelers, people of flesh and bones, familiar faces; in other words, figures of his mind that they become part of us.
His was a long and lonely road, with a few breaks, some return, many pivoting as signs of a maturing process that did not stop until the end (end of life and end of the job for her, as for any authentic artist, coincide). But what dominates everything, that itself every distant or recent image and gives it his own, very particular appearance, it is a kind of playful tragedy - if you will pardon the oxymoron, but Paul is all a rimbalzar of mirrors, refractions , apparent contradictions: the feeling almost exhausted and still fighting the difficulties of living, the search for the meaning of existence, discovering themselves in the bottom of the eyes of others, to consider each portrait and self-portrait not as an identity card, but - remembering Joyce - as "the diagram of an emotion."
In this live in each of Paola by an amazing childhood and an ancient wisdom that the world, you find all the fascination of his art, its fullness, its intensity. And what at first glance may appear hostile and even unpleasant - the trace of a wound, a hypnotic eye, a smile frozen - in a more careful observation reveals his humanity, his charge of empathy, his substantial suffering flashes of light.
Sometimes the creatures of Paola appear fragments of nightmare that emerge from the chaotic flow of the dream consciousness to shake her, to hurt her, to mark her fire: in any case suffering is accepted by you, perhaps unsought but certainly recognized as a lifeline, a necessary element growth and self-awareness. And in this painful process of recognition, in this rigorous "inner cosmography" you can perhaps recognize an intimate religiosity, anxiety research, a need to get up above the earth to feel part of it and, together, find the distance needed to better understand it (his heads nineties recall for their sore expressive, almost crying in the dark, the Crucifixes of William Congdon, body and wood that penetrate up to become one).
Even in matters of burnt Paola - canvas, wood, mixed color together - everything blends, as if every figure bore a map of the country on the face of pain and shoulders a cross made of his own flesh and blood. But the light never fails, white flashes that pierce the shadow, gold sparkles, bright red ignitions; perhaps sparks of a hidden smile that opens the way, once again, to play, to irony, to wonder.
Two other great writers help us to go deeper in the Inside and Outside it is the art of Paola, an interiority that asks imperiously to go out and an area that thrives on impulses and secret thoughts. The first is Theophile Gautier: "One can not think of anything continuously without this thought does not remain imprinted on the body and face." Here are the portraits, the faces, the Paola Heads: personifications of a character, footprints of a thought, trace of experience (sometimes scars of a damn) that are as far as the artist of its models.
And then there's Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the great utopian lost in the dream of a better world, who with ardent conviction affirms a truth that, to be clear, no less should be repeated with unchanged conviction, "it is really only artists painting what you believe, what you love, what you hope or you hate it. "
Four verbs, four motions of the mind and heart, to plot the best portrait of Paola, artist very lonely because rich in humanity, looking with affection and accompanies apprehensively his characters on their way, when aware of the danger but indifferent or careless (like all of us) are approaching dancing brim already red-hot volcano.

critical presentation by:
Dr. Denitza Nedkova
Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni

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Show Length:
15 to 27 October 2016
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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