Exhibition of rFogacci Rubens and Marco Biscardi presents Prof. Giovanni Faccenda
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 26 November 2016
The Gallery of Contemporary Art Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
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Saturday, November 26, 2016
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It born in 1986 in Bari; after graduation he moved to Rome, where he graduated in Visual Arts and Cinematography. Later he moved to Florence, and then again in Bologna. In recent years he has lived and worked in Los Angeles and New York, always looking for new ideas from the road, with a particular interest in the relationship between subject and surroundings. American pop culture is perceptible in his work, which is based on a solid Italian art education. The art of Biscardi is a subtle and biting satire, irony, and manages to do a tool to give us interesting, and often bitter, food for thought. Characteristics of his style are these photographs (almost always taken by him or in some cases recovered from historical archives) on which he intervenes, digitally or manually by entering conceptual elements that distort the sense of the image and the perception that before we had it . He has authored a dozen exhibitions, including one in Antigua (Caribbean), and a NEW YORK, in an important art gallery located in the glamorous Soho, classified by the American magazine "Timeout" between the five galleries the most important of the big apple.
Although there aleggino still echoes of American pop culture, to emerge, in the most recent creative period of this author original and inspired, it is, rather, a disenchanted reflection on reality and, more generally, on what distinguishes today - for good and evil - our increasingly uncertain and precarious existence. Among irony cleverly thought out and not unspoken disillusionment, the work of Biscardi express themes - now emblematic, now transfigured - in which it is given to perceive depth reflections, extended not only to ethical and aesthetic fields. They are, in fact, compositions, his - especially those that offer a fusion between painting and photography -, able to give an account of a common feeling shared by men and women more sensitive to various latitudes. For this, thinking about the future that awaits this talented emerging artist, is easy to predict - he continued to maintain, in matters of art, the same commitment - light scenes and nevertheless compelling. John Matter
Something that "is", "is" or "is about to be"
"If I close my eyes, I see better
and I paint the world as we would like. "
Keith Haring

Established the necessary distance than some dated critical positions, characterized by rather shallow reading of the work's complex radiating Rubens, seems fair to point out, in the search for expression of the same, rather the ability to revisit, in all key personnel, certain references Pictures belonging to areas of expression dilated in time and sometimes even from heterogeneous exquisitely conceptual point of view. Far from all this, then, fairytale aura, or worse, the supposed appearance comics (indicated, this, in a report evidently distorted than the American Pop Art), with which, in the past, it has steadfastly - in fact - circumscribed expressive horizons unlike most original and fertile, inhabited by imaginative visions held by the artist as a pretext to translate visually a reality suspended between qualcosache "is", "is" or "is about to be." As usual, Fogacci Ambienta, paints and finally characterizes with reflections now memorials now fantastic, a really, impressive virtual theater, where they can legitimately live the ghosts late nineteenth century Munch alongside mythologized Lichtenstein characters. It would not be sorry to Calvin a painter so limpid-oriented unconscious perception - some would say even, remote and justified probability - of events arcane as invisible. Accounts, and its effectiveness, then, above all this: the narrative inclination Fogacci, that stands behind and beyond that his fictional universe, in which the color is poured out like the tone of a seductive voice echoing in the air. A voice that says, intrigues, fascinates. A voice that has, among others, the merit to express a sense of wonder and remain, always, deeply authentic.
John Matter

critical presentation by:
Prof. Giovanni Faccenda

Curator of the exhibition:
Deborah Petroni

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from November 26 - December 8, 2016
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 with a lunch break
Monday and Sunday closed
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