solo exhibitions: El Fooser, Silvana Gatti, Stefano Manzotti presents Dr. Francesca Bogliolo
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 10 December 2016
The Gallery of Contemporary Art Wikiarte
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
And pleased to invite
Saturday, December 10, 2016

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STEFANO Manzotti

In the Sale of Wikiarte Bologna Gallery, you will open three Silvana Gatti Personal, Enrico Fuser and Stefano Manzotti. The exhibits highlight coming liaison A thin symbolist What unfolds through artistic languages ​​Profoundly Different. In a crescendo of astonishment, the viewer will have way to Contact chat with the universe of the three authors. Silvana Gatti, a skilled interpreter of Human feelings, investigates the Reality As a Set of Symbols What, though belonging to the known, transcend it. Evoking A sacral Size Through the attachment of symbolic elements, the artist who observes conduct in One other dimension, away from his daily life, which allows for emotional contact Entering chat with Opera: adhering to a visual poetry Symbolist The Artist highlights the customer relations between the visible and invisible, and he puts on canvas synthesis. The charm of the ancient Wunderkammer reflected in the works of Henry Fuser, aka El Fooser, refined and original designer What is found The Taste of Man's innate curiosity, Able to go to the known limits to penetrate the secrets of Nature. Overlooking From the wall, the figures of Henry Fuser invite an apparently non-stop. The charts sue, privileged support, lead L'Osservatore into unexplored worlds, dove the fascination of the unknown keeps it intact. In Stefano Manzotti The objects become Actors Present Time, abandoning the usual They function to play a role and by researchers normally reserved to the individual. The subjects of His still lifes are the courage to take life and to replace the man revealing intimate Features Through Their symbolic form. What a painting, even in the case of the landscape, it appears introspective, inviting contemplation of the present moment Name and ad Go Beyond the veil of everyday life.

critical presentation by:
Dr. Francesca Bogliolo

Exhibition curator:
Deborah Petroni

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Show Length:
from December 10th - December 29th 2016
Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00 hours with Continued
Monday and Sunday closed
free entry

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