Opening of personal exhibitions of: MARIO EXPOSED ENRICO GAROIA PAOLO RIGONI
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 20 May 2017
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
In Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
She is happy to invite you
Saturday 20 May 2017
At 18.00
At the inauguration of personal exhibitions of:
The painting of Mario Esposito is imbued at the root of a long historical artistic tradition, which aims to convey the disarming beauty of the universe through an apparent simplicity. In the artist's work, manual creation accompanies the creative idea in the creation of multiform works in which nothing is left to chance. As in the technique of the mosaic, in the compositions of Mario Esposito the irregularity of the arrangement and the combinations gives strong luminous suggestions of great visual impact, reverberating in the key of the echo of an ancient art carving deep symbolic meanings. The recurrence of objects and subjects then becomes an excuse to favor meditation on the object itself and the daily life in which its use of dipana, and on the very essence of the subject depicted. On the other hand, the approach of small size canvases from different content allows the development of imaginary capacity, inviting the viewer to emerge on new visions of a world he already knew. The chromatic texture evokes the tonal approaches of Gustav Klimt, who was left behind by the mosaic art, and gives vivacious and never trivial suggestions that look out among the subjects analyzed by the artist.
The curious extraordinary character of the world and its superior being, the man, pushes the young Forlimpopolis artist Enrico Garoia to pass through (experiment lat.) Them into an incessant quest for true matter. Multiplicity of styles, materials, invoices, all the way to the production of representative concepts not concerned with form, line, setting, but to what gives the reason for being everything: the substance. The artist comes to empirically experience life in a specific way, denying the distinction between the phenomenon, the sensory involuntary sensory knowledge of the world, and the noumen, the tangible intellegible. Garo blends ideas and objects, making matter free to explore the canvas without warning its limits. The unnimeable is called by name ("Love"), the indomitable is delimited ("Immersus Emergo"), the unstoppable natural mutilation is called into question ("Evolution?"). Paolo Rigoni is thoughtful, meticulous in the artistic creative process; Silences and introspective analyzes are the focal points of a single operation of its kind; On the one hand, connected to inductive moments of high poetics, on the other hand, to a constant formal search that does not abandon the exegesis of the greats. The background is given by the collage on the canvas or on the board of cards, pieces of boxes, fragments of packaging, printed sheets and pages of newspapers ... significant elements of the latter are merely executive, rational and thematic. Paul maps the hard cured paper by immediately revealing the clarity of the background. It is the first moment of inspiration for the artist; It follows the intervention with enamels, tempers and in this proceeding, gives body to the subjects. Written text lurks in colors in an encrypted way. One by one the objects, the landscape, the faces are defined with vigorous brushstrokes, worthy of the best figurative tradition of the '900. The themes range from the scenery of the Umbrian landscape, different in seasons and hence in the shades, to the dead natures caught in twilight lyrical. Following the strong contents: knowledge gardens, the books for the transmission of knowledge, and the faces of the homeless: an indirect denunciation of social inequalities. An art engaged by Paolo Rigoni.
Critical presentation by:
Dr. Francesca Bogliolo
Curator shows:
Deborah Petroni
From 20 May to 1 June 2017
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm on a continuous basis
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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