nauguration Personal show of: Roberto Re, Giovanni Trimani, Lucia Fiaschi, presents Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 16 September 2017
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
In Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
She is happy to invite you
Saturday 16 September 2017
At 18.00
At the inauguration of personal exhibitions of:

Art is the highest expression of human creativity, the universal language for telling the human being. Art is an existential search, refers to being in general, to its immutable, objective and real, subjective and personal structures, the same that make up its world, the universe.

Everything is made of hydrogen, the lightest element and the most abundant in the whole. The shape, organic container or not, is built by this water, flow, and life generator. Material, therefore, in every aspect of it, is incessant, ephemeral, threatened by unexpected metamorphosis. Of all this, he tells the art of Roberto Re, an impatient but constant poet of his feelings, always engaged in translating, interpreting, illustrating the metamorphoses of the world, the inner and sacred interior, the public and profane external. The lightness of being is caught in the amniotic fluid of its incessant birth, the roughness of the thing is bent and crushed continuously in the vain search for the perfect form. But the artist does not fear the precarious balance of life, welcomes it and transforms it into a personal aesthetic language that does not look for names, characters, events, monuments, but patiently and inadvertently captures the great and eternal energy of the universe.

The same force of the stars shines in Giovanni Trimani's works. Geometric, comic and narrative chaos emerges from the clutter of puffy, zigzagging shapes, color and light buttons. Time is steady or, better, too fast, the time of the stars, which transports our perception with the speed of light in the Trimani continent, a fantasy concentrate, the same matter as dreams are made. So we dream with open eyes and we recognize the beauty in the colors of the streets, graphites of the walls, in the traffic lights, in our lives that we now understand how to play, like theater, like a movie that involves us so much that we lose track of time And it itself. Therefore, Trimadi's work, under the brilliant Pop robe, conceals the sharpness of Cubism, the deformity of Mannerism, the grotesque irony, the truth of reality. The intuition of doing art pretending to create its parody therefore requires not so much a sense of humor as a sixth sense for the true nature of the world.

A cosmic vision also dominates the creativity of Lucia Fiaschi. Astral glow and universal chemical chromium pervade every container, imaginary and real. The figures are worlds, the worlds are beings, everything and nothing and vice versa. The feminine sensitivity softens the reality and transforms the artistic vision into a garden filled with vibrant forms that intertwine and complement in an incessant grow and flourish that fills the air of music. The most intricate and pictorial surfaces of Fiaschi's works show a fairy-tale and inexhaustible system of illustrative elements that transforms him into arabesque, that is, in the complex writing of an aesthetic language read by many, but rarely understood. The visual narrative we have before does not try to challenge or confuse us in an intellectual game, but relies solely on the senses and their spontaneous and always true reading. There is a pictorial metallurgy illustrating the short-circuit between fiction and reality, where everything seems familiar but unrecognizable, understandable but enigmatic, comforting but exciting.
Denitza Nedkova

Critical presentation by dr.
Denitza Nedkova
Curator shows:
Deborah Petroni
From September 16-28, 2017
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm on a continuous basis
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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