Personal show by Giovanni Firrincieli, Marino Calesini and Francesco Cerutti
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 15 October 2017
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
She is happy to invite you
Saturday, October 14, 2017
at 18.00
At the inauguration of personal exhibitions of:
In October I will be living for the Wikiarte Gallery, which will prepare the tripersal exhibition by Marino Calesini, Francesco Cerutti and Giovanni Firrincieli, which will be held in the afternoon of Saturday, October 14, at 6 pm. The three artists who, in the name of their peculiar and distinctive style, are right among the thirty selected by the gallery for 2017, look in their works with an original look at contemporary.
A poetic approach to the secret world of plants reveals the sensitive mind of Marino Calesini, a painter who in the most hidden details traces the sense of art and life. An experience that, being joyful, goes beyond botanical knowledge and reveals an empathetic attitude with lyrical supporters dense with meaning.
Bringing in the light the hidden universe of emotions is the primary purpose of Francesco Cerutti who, through an engaging and material approach, delineates the infinite variables of interiority, revealing himself as a true connoisseur and interpreter of the human soul. His works, witnesses of spirituality, drive beyond the well-known to create new enigmas on one's own and other identities, and on the courage to express themselves in full freedom.
Real estate questions on the present and on the future find themselves in the canvases of Giovanni Firrincieli, who with innocent and ironic looks looks and reinterprets the reality to give it back to those who look in all its synthesis. Inner inner dreams meet with disenchantment and this union originates a fine formal balance, capable of leading those who look in a fascinating inner journey that, through elegant memory data, resembles and resonates with one's own.

Critical presentation by Dr.
Francesca Bogliolo
Curator shows:
Deborah Petroni
from 14 to 26 October 2017
from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm with continuous time
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
Info and contacts:

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