Personal exhibitions by Andrea Prandi, Claudia Ventura and Mauro Masetti present Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 25 November 2017
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
She is happy to invite you
Saturday, November 25, 2017
at 18.00
At the inauguration of personal exhibitions of:
When a ray of light crosses the material undergoes a refraction that slows it, it distracts it but makes it colorful. This cardinal physical process undergoes an aesthetic translation in Mauro Masetti's poetics that treats the pictorial surface as an optical prism that breaks down the light and transforms its chromatic data into shapes. Lattice windows illuminate the pattern of the painting system, making it unconventional and undergoing continuous stylistic reconfiguration. The latter prevails in all the paintings of Masetti, which through the combination of geometric elements and vibrant color chromates boasts a latent dynamism based on the particular light treatment. Sometimes, in fact, it seems absent or confined to the sharpness of the forms that exist, however, precisely because of the light fragmentation. Therefore, the formal, more or less figurative solution gives priority to a lively and stylistically multifaceted study of the physical limits of the relationship between matter and the electromagnetic spectrum visible from the human eye.

Of an unusual dynamism is also the creative creation of Andrea Prandi. The medium does not matter, digital or analog, it serves to externally, formalize, from time to time, an unremitting and playful creative stream of a graphic novel. Narrative sequencing, in this particular case, is not based on a series of images, on a simple iconotest with consistent space-time properties, but a story with bits that change context, characters and texture from time to time, the basic idea, that is, the vertical and vertical overlapping of real and unreal. The Einsteinian conception of linear chronotope in Bachtin's dialogic interpretation as a construction between the world and the world of others is radically disturbed by the relationship between real and virtual that imposes new multi-directional space-temporal volumes. The object-painting of the 70s of the twentieth century, Gino Marotta docet, becomes an image-object in the latest aesthetic researches, as evidenced by the work of Prandi. It is not a body / object of art but of an environment where the artifex design experiences give rise to an iconic and structural synthesis brings new meaning to the very concept of image.

The new hybrid dimension of matter and its hyperbolic existence is also driven by the aesthetic research of Claudia Ventura. The great fascination for macromolecular organic material, or polymers, as a first existence and to enhance the quality by quenching the quantitative use of matter, leads the creator to ignore diversifications in the typology of the artistic product, focusing in a single aesthetic language the pragmatic of the design, the spectacularity of the advertising, the mass media's currentity, and the authenticity of stiff sensu art. The technique or material varies and adjusts to the tone (effect) of the unitary message, that of Beauty, which changes according to the emotional "season". It is not a change of dress or wrap, but to turn the page, go to a new chapter in the history of making Ventura art. The iconographic tridimensionality converges on painting and sculpture by obtaining a multimodal transformation of the idea that makes it free and pursue its artistic existence irrespective of the modeling hand. Each work thus becomes an event, an event that shines with its own light and moves on personal paths to reach the user and establish a visual relationship with it. In this way the chapters of the volume that tells the expression of the beauty that Claudia Ventura wants to confide is born.

Denitza Nedkova

Critical presentation by Dr.
Denitza Nedkova
Curator shows:
Deborah Petroni
from 25 November to 7 December 2017
from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm with continuous time
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry
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