Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 07 April 2018
In Italy, in the prestigious Wikiarte Gallery in Via San Felice 18, in the historic center of Bologna a few steps from the famous Neptune, the selections for the exhibition "ART EXPERIENCE II", an exhibition space of 300 square meters. that from 7 to 21 April 2018 will host the works of contemporary artists.
Art has changed. He has broadened his horizons, breaking down every barrier. He has abandoned his gender nature to become a direct and real experience, alive and concrete, the unconditional reflection of a newspaper that strongly claims its subjectivity. This opening is a legitimate daughter of the second half of the twentieth century, moving more or less unharmed by the revolts of Pop Art to those no less complex in the abstract and informal processes, to the social revolution that distinguished Arte Povera and the Sixties, where attention to form, matter and light - ultimately for the human being - went hand in hand with a wholly new interest in the anti-conventionality of materials, understood not only in their mere physical meaning but rather in the communicative and intellectual one. The exhibition THE ART AS A DAILY EXPERIENCE records this change taking stock of the situation in our day, emphasizing relational points of view and making them stimulating conditions for the future. A daily through which every artist recovers his emotional and instrumental dimension, trying to understand his own being through objects and gestures that every day are placed under his careful gaze, sharing the spaces. Moreover, the artist is the one who sees a possibility where others see nothing. In the search for a linguistic code that is easy to interpret for a society at the mercy of individual closure, daily life becomes a privileged medium of comprehensible and shared experience, welcoming and incisive at the same time, able to move even the most introverted minds towards communication of a pure and sincere emotional state.
The event will be presented on the opening night of April 7 by the critics and art historian Dott.ssa Francesca Bogliolo for years collaborator of the Wikiarte Gallery and important magazines such as Art & Art.
For the exhibition, a catalog will also be produced.

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