Inauguration of personal exhibition by Maurizia Piazzi, Tiziana Salvi, Luigi Cau, presents Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 24 February 2018
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to invite you
Saturday 24 February 2018
6.00 pm

At the inauguration of the personal exhibitions of:

Art that is lost in color
"Opening my eyes for the first time, I met the world: the city and the house, which then gradually became fixed in me forever. Later, I met a girl. She crossed my heart and sat in my canvases "- Marc Chagall.
The things of life, or their fleeting material presence, make up the essential and crystalline poetics of Maurizia Piazzi. A poetics composed of clear and simple words that do not describe but call phenomena with their usual and understandable names. A poetics that betrays a radical choice not to transform the aesthetics in the gym of conceptualism, but to maintain it as a pure knowledge of natural beauty. The artist uses different stylistic tools, from the sober content of Morandi to the photorealism of pop root, to preserve the syntactic integrity of the image distinguished by rigorous geometries of setting, chromatic synchronies and luminous equilibriums that allow an immediate reading and understanding. , therefore, an empathetic link mirroring the work. The latter presents itself, in fact, to the honest and open viewer not so much to narrate as to welcome every story that sees his.
The sweetness of simplicity also visits the work of Tiziana Salvi. The dreamlike world, almost pre-Raphaelite, of the Bolognese painter performs mythological songs that transform tales into ancient truths about life and its flow. Hybrid creatures immersed in irrational contexts imbued with symbols and metaphors build an artistic belief that invites the exterior to get lost from the first glance in parallel worlds. This chagallian dimension meets the user, stunned to find the exceptional in small things, in a "condensed" narration of incessant metamorphosis of the form in another form in continuous postponement from sight to hearing, from reading to painting, from contemplation to action . The gestalt force of the story traces a pure and global ethic, unchallenged and incontractable, which nourishes its universality in childish innocence, well expressed by the uninterrupted flow of color that deprives every form of rigidity and regularity, making it spontaneous and natural.
A flood of colored slime, of dense pictorial pastes, devastates the paintings of Luigi Cau. His aesthetic vision uses the same fauve language to follow not the rivers of childhood dreams, but those of a contaminated reality, distorted not by alienating dream dynamics, but by real facts that everyone knows and associates negatively. Arms, legs, mouths twisted from the lamentation, overcome the canvas and come out noisily from the flat surface as shipwrecked by ancient war bas-reliefs. The artist chooses the active position and his works do not open clear and free to the stories of others, but "scream" his own critical position, fierce and desperate, of a man who no longer wants to be such but aspires to divine peaks that they are nothing other than the conceptual system of fears and human hopes. The effectiveness of the heavy chromatic mixture reveals abstract inspirations and the poor that treat the pictorial material as "living flesh", sparing no groan to the observer. Even here, painting is empathetic but "lost" in the pain and regret of being men ... ..
February, 2018
Denitza Nedkova

Critical presentation by the dott.ssa:
Denitza Nedkova
Exhibition curator:
Deborah Petroni
Sponsored and advertised by: fi

Duration of exhibition:
from 24 February to 8 March 2018
from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm with continuous opening hours
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry

Info and contacts:
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