Personal exhibition of Rivkah Hetherington, Raffaele Cappa e Stefano Manzotti, presents Denitza Nedkova.
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 28 April 2018
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to invite you
Saturday 28 April 2018
6.00 pm
At the inauguration of the personal exhibitions of:
"I will call modern that art that ... presents the fact that the unpresentable exists, the one that makes visible that there is something that can be conceived and that can neither be seen nor made visible".
Jean - Francois Lyotard

Art as a cure, as a pleasant and painless remedy, is the heart of the work of Dr. Rivkah Rebecca Hetherington. If a century ago Freud defined creativity as a process of defensive reaction that allows the artist to solve his inner conflicts, the therapeutic mediation of beauty between malaise and being currently overcomes his action on the artist and affects every mind that comes into psychophysical contact with the aesthetic object. The work as an expression of collective and individual experiences provokes unavoidable journeys, conscious and unconscious, in the meanders of the mind, both of itself and of others, and this ability to activate sensations and to bring out submerged contents makes art the kindest therapeutic instrument unexpected. Every aesthetic fact, in fact, is a superlative stimulus for the mirroring neural system of each of us, bringing us to relive every image proposed through the prism of our existence, thus transforming every artistic fact into "our" artistic fact.

The emergence of an image in the mind from a vortex of lived things also commits the creative act of Raffaele Cappa. The vortex, the primordial chaos is the basis of every work by the artist Romano and Aquilano by adoption that involves colored pasta and its informal existence with quoted forms, bodies extrapolated from a crowded and noisy everyday life. Sometimes these presences, shipwrecked in the polychrome river, raise their voices in sentences that are equally public and cut from a common parlance. The choice to build an artistic language that pacifies the uniqueness of the pictorial tract with the dozens of collage reveals an aesthetic commitment based on a profound knowledge of current life, intent on bringing together individualism and collectivism in every element. The pedagogical act of cutting and reassembling life, immersing it in the river of colors / personal feelings, is the meta-reflexive strategy of Cappa in stimulating self-awareness in each of us.
The ability to understand the mind of others, thus avoiding confusing one's own internal world with that of others, or the meta cognition also appears initial in the artistic creation of Stefano Manzotti. When words "cling" to images beyond the usual narrative, figurative and linear path of building up personal and collective knowledge and imaginations, we witness an enhancement of the alienation contribution that generates the association of the two communicative systems, linguistic and depicting. The interweaving of literary clarity and imaginative estrangement thus emerges as the true enhancer of every practice of intersubjective interpretation and intersubjective negotiation of the meaning and meaning of each artistic work. The stories, of which Manzotti often offers the public only a paragraph, embody this polyalphabetic writing born from the confluence of words and images that goes beyond recognizable history to immerse itself in the vortex of infinite variations of fantasy.
Denitza Nedkova

Critical presentation by the dott.ssa:
Denitza Nedkova
Exhibition curator:
Deborah Petroni
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 Duration of exhibition:
from 28 April to 10 May 2018
from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm with continuous opening hours
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry

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