Invitation to the personal exhibitions of MARINO CALESINI, MODAN, RODOLFO SAVOIA by Dr. Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 12 May 2018
The conception of reality as a step towards an over reality has always been considered a priority for mythological and religious apparatuses linked to the spirituality of the individual. The belief that art is the ultimate expression of this spirituality makes the human capacity of aesthetic work a true bridge to the supersensible, that which goes beyond the physical structures of the senses, the bridges to reality.

Incredible things are happening in the world. At your fingertips, on the other bank of the river, there is all sorts of magical equipment, and we continue to live like donkeys .... Marquez's words are always a magic revelation a bit like the works of Marino Calesini, artist visionary that brings the botany of affections to art. The artist exercises this inexact science from a technically perfect part and thanks to the instrument of execution - a surgical hand, precise and firm, but on the other magically reflective with the continuous multiplication of real and imaginary plans that make the points of inexhaustible view. In the herbarium of its cacti each plant explodes its exotic heart in a world of real magic at hand, on the other bank of the river offering the eye a stimulus-bridge so bursting in its appearance to overexcite the senses in a ' flood of adrenaline that leaves no one indifferent. In this garden of exotic flowers magic seems within everyone's reach ...

Equally magical is the reality of Modan that neglects the precision of the analytical gaze for a mediated observation of the world. In fact, each of Modan's works wears a mask that is as covering as it is evident, distorting reality and leaving it recognizable. Beyond the river we find ourselves, therefore, not immersed in a chapel of baroque vegetation but in the underground station of shared realities where magically things happen in a temporal sharing of a space to which they do not belong. The magic equipment here is not the brush but the lens of the camera that hits the moment of truth that explodes in its poetic heart in a world of real magic on this river bank. The senses are now urged not by the realistic appearance of the magical but by the bewitched aspect of the real that nourishes the imagination and confuses the perception. The eye is forced to endeavor to recognize the forms in order to make sense of it in a process of inversion of cognition that from the complex derives the simple, root of every image, true or conceived.
The representation as the secret life of things is also the object of the art of Rodolfo Savoia. The refinement of the pure and luminous color that the crayon generates on the paper allows the creator to construct the transparent multi-layer fields of a figurative narration full of lyricism and fluidity. The photographic imprint of a technically correct realism is overwhelmed by the wave of mysticism raised by the luminous colors and the delicate but omniscient trait. How long is a sunset? And a look? And a sand dune field? The space-time containment is transformed into a pretext for the symbolist exercise that portrays uncontaminated places and characters, devoid of links with reality except for the external appearance dominated by the dreamy aura of fantasy. Beyond the river, the forest of Baudeleirian symbols opens up where reality and representation merge and welcome those who, looking, venture themselves carried away by the poet's words: O mountains, purity of intact things, strength, mystery / above the Earth, she goes and returns as a thought / immortal over the Earth. (Gabriele D'Annunzio)
Denitza Nedkova

Critical presentation by the dott.ssa:
Denitza Nedkova
Exhibition curator:
Deborah Petroni

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Duration of exhibition:
from 12 - 24 May 2018
from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm with continuous opening hours
Monday and Sunday closed
Free entry

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