Show Reflections by Francesca Bogliolo
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 09 June 2018
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery

in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna

It is pleased to inform you that


Saturday 9 June 2018

6.00 pm

the opening of the event will be held




the exhibition will host the works of 10 contemporary artists


Claudio Barbugli, Fabrizio Fabbroni, Ferdinando Todesco, Giuliano Giuliani, Janilia Jannucci, Maria Teresa Sabatiello, Queen Di Attanasio, Stefano Manzotti, Tina Lupo, Walter Marin

In the midday sun, the shadow of every man projects a minimal train onto the ground, as if to remind him of the fact of constituting an indissoluble unity with him, from which he can not be separated. He can only forget, at times, act with no care, pretending not to remember that the ground, implacable mirror, reminds him of the space in which he moves, reminds him of being himself a temporary trace. A reflection in a surface serves to remind the man how to look. It is nature's attempt to remind the human being of the existence of details, of their presence, of the possibility of observing things from a different perspective to the habitual one. It is the opportunity for a continuous recovery of one's own identity, and the ability to connect interiority with exteriority. Like the body and its shadow - a term also used to define the soul itself - the inside and the outside of man appear connected by a close bond that art helps to investigate clearly, united by borders that only the imaginative activity seems capable of circumscribing, closely linked to that concept of Augustinian time understood as relaxing the spirit of man. The reflection in the history of art has been used as an expedient to reveal a technical superiority, it has been the supporting thread of an iconographic theme capable of remembering the fleetingness and transience of life, a way to include - in the reality of the works - unexpected and opportune presences, an imaginative pretext to invite to go beyond the canvas. Long shadows have remembered in the last century the presence of an Enigma to which the world can not but subdue, limiting itself to rotate in the continuous search for answers. The length of the reflected shadow increases in the afternoon hours, extends towards the evening, invites us to reflect on the ages of life: it is an image without a body that also keeps its uniqueness intact and secret. An exhibition dedicated to the reflection can only invite the viewer to look over his head and below his feet. In a word, besides.


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Photo and video editing:

Filippo Guicciardi


 Duration of exhibition:


from 9 June to 2 July 2018

Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00

2 July closing exhibition at 15.00


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